Sunday Whitewater: fly fishing needs more fire blowing

Substantial TV Ep. 6 “Ragnarök” from Substantial Media House on Vimeo.


Ragnarök, in Norse mythology, was the predestined death of the gods. A three-year winter led to the epic final battle where the gods and the frost giants fought to their deaths and the end of the world. Ragnarok marks the end of the old world, and the beginning of the new, current world.

After spending a month in Norway in 2012, we returned in 2013 ready to battle the immense whitewater that Norway has to offer. With different water levels we were able to paddle some new stuff, and a lot of the same quality runs we paddled last year. With an awesome crew, kayaks, and cameras we set out to find our own meaning of Ragnarök. Coming across some of the most amazing views, good times, fun and incredibly scary whitewater of our lives… It was true our souls were re-birthed, and re-defined after another amazing time in the land of the Vikings.


Sunday Whitewater

Kayaker saved just before swimming over a 60 foot waterfall!! from David Fusilli on Vimeo.


Two Kayakers run a 20 foot waterfall that leads into a 50-60 foot waterfall. The first 20 foot waterfall goes terribly wrong for the second paddler who swims just above the 50-60 foot waterfall. The second paddler is clinging to a rock wall while the first paddler gets a throw rope out of his kayak and saves the second paddler from swimming over the second Big waterfall.