Wenzel Camping Tent Review – Are They Good Tents?

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Wenzel Camping Tent
Wenzel Camping Tent

This is our Wenzel camping tent review. To go the Wenzel Camping Tent official website, click the link below.

Wenzel Camping Tent – Official Website

There are many tent manufacturers out there today, but when you buy a Wenzel camping tent, you’re getting a tent designed and built by a company who’s been producing outdoor gear since 1887.

Wenzel makes tents that range in size from a small 2-person “pup tent” to a massive 17’ x 14’, 10-person tent. They also produce a 10’ x 10’ canopy which makes a great sunshade in summer or a waterproof cover in the rainy season.

One feature that makes a Wenzel tent differ from other tents is the waterproof fabric. Their “Weather Armor” fabric is made of polyester and actually has a polyurethane coating to help it shed water.

Another thing you’ll find on a Wenzel camping tent is welded seams in the floor. Most tent manufacturers have sewn seams which create millions of small needle holes. These small holes eventually could allow water to seep in. Not so with the Wenzel tent.

What Makes The Wenzel Camping Tent So Popular?

Many campers choose to purchase a Wenzel camping tent for several reasons. As mentioned earlier, Wenzel has a long history of producing quality camping gear since 1887. They know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to tent design and construction.

Wenzel tents get great reviews from consumers. For example at Amazon.com, Wenzel tents receive 4 or more stars out of a potential 5 stars on every tent, on average. Why do they get high rankings? They’re well made and they hold up well under the wear and tear of camping.

Finally, Wenzel camping tents are popular because they’re affordable. Most of their tents are priced around the $100 mark. The larger, multi-room tents can cost over $200, but they’re still a good deal for a large tent.

These are a few of the reasons why the Wenzel camping tent is the preferred tent for thousands of campers today.

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