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  • 150D material
  • Spacious interior has room for 2 queen airbeds
  • Large screened windows and doors provide a great view, while keeping the bugs out
  • Exclusive WeatherTec system with thick waterproof walls and welded floor
  • 2 doors and 7 windows for full ventilation; removable divider between rooms

Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent

Tired of those lonely moments within your house, those stressful hours at work and those headaches caused by noisy children at home? Then it is time you took a break and explored nature, and is there a better way to enjoy nature than camping out with friends and family? Well, you now have a great companion, the Coleman 14×10 Foot 8 Person Instant Tent. A companion that will keep you safe and warm throughout this thrilling experience.

Standing at 14 Feet and 10 Feet in length and width respectively and a center height of 6 Feet 5 Inches when setting up, this tent is the ideal tent for any camping enthusiast. It is made of strong durable high-quality materials thus wear and tear is the least you should worry about. It is also waterproof and in case it showers, you won’t be searching desperately for the nearest shelter. Check out its great features; you won’t regret making this investment.

Features and Price

  • Footprint dimensions- 14 Feet by 10 Feet. This tent is spacious enough and can accommodate 8 people or 2 queen-sized airbeds. It also comes with a divider that can be used to turn it into a 2-roomed tent. It also features a center height of 6 Feet 5 Inches and straight walls which create enough room for the head thus makes standing while inside the tent easy.
  • Product dimensions- 48 Inches by 10.9 Inches by 10.3 Inches. This is what the Coleman 14×10 Foot 8 Person Instant Tent measures when it is folded. This saves on storage space and also makes it more portable as compared to when it has been pitched.
  • Weight- 43.8 Pounds. For a tent providing that amount of room, this weight is quite on the lower side. Given the thickness and the quality of the materials used to build this tent, this weight should not be an issue to anyone.
  • Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent Pop upEasy to assemble. This tent comes with poles pre-attached to the tent so as to prevent their loss. This also makes set-up of the tent a downhill task. The only steps to have the tent standing on its feet is, unfolding it, spreading it out on the ground, extending the poles, clicking them together, locking them in place and you are ready to go. For most users, it takes 1 minute or less to set it up.
  • Features the exclusive WeatherTec system. This kind of technology is what places Coleman tents above other tents in the market. The Coleman 14×10 Foot 8 Person Instant Tent is made of coated weatherproof fabric with anti-wicking thread, zippers and webbing, and inverted floor seams that have been designed to hide the needle holes inside the tent thus increasing the tent’s water resistance. The waterproof walls and thick welded waterproof floors are made of Polyster Taffeta 150 D and Polyster 1000 D respectively. These help keep you dry in case it rains or in case of running ground water. This tent is strong and can stand up to weather challenges such as strong winds and nasty storms. Thanks to its strong wind responsive poles and the guy-out triangles that hold the tent up.
  • 2 doors and 7 windows. With these, the 14×10 Foot Coleman Instant Tent 8 Person provides perfect ventilation for any camper. The windows and doors are wide enough to allow air to flow freely into and out of the tent thus creating a fresher and cooler environment inside it.
  • Durable. Considering the kind of materials used to build this tent, it is strong, durable and can easily withstand wear and tear.

Customer Reviews and Scores

This product from Coleman prides itself (as of Aug 10, 2014) of 662 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.3 stars out of the maximum 5 stars, an almost excellent rating. 406 of the reviewers awarded this product a 5 star rating, representing 61% of the reviewers while 36 of them awarded it 1 star, representing 5%.

Most buyers seemed to love this tent. Most of them praised it for its ease of pitching or set-up, its excellent ventilation and also its waterproof nature. One buyer particularly said that he would recommend this tent to anyone who was thinking about buying a tent because it was worth the money.

Though, there were some who raised issues about the quality of the anchor pegs and the lack of a rainfly.


Coleman-8-person-instant-tent sleeping bagsSpacious. The Coleman 14×10 Foot 8 Person Instant Tent offers enough space for 8 people or 2 queen-sized airbeds for a more comfortable feel. It measures 6 Feet 5 Inches in height when pitched thus making it easier for one to stand while inside the tent. It’s straight wall design should be thanked for creating enough room for the head, unlike the dome-shaped tents that make movement a hassle.

Ease of assembly. This tent comes with onboard poles. They are attached to the tent mainly to prevent their loss and also make installation easier. This reduces the amount of effort required to pitch the tent. Most experienced campers manage to do this in just 1 minute or less. Bringing it down is also very easy.

Provides enough ventilation. With 2 doors and 7 windows, be sure to have better airflow, cleaner air, and better ventilation when inside the Coleman 14×10 Foot 8 Person Instant Tent.

Strong and durable. This tent is made strong and durable by the quality and thickness of the Polyester fabrics used to make the mesh, its body, and the floor. Its poles are also made of strong steel.

Weatherproof. The Coleman 14×10 Foot Instant Tent 8 Person features the WeatherTec system that features a waterproof body and floor in case of showers and strong sturdy steel poles with guy-triangles to withstand strong winds and storms. When inside this tent, weather changes are nothing to worry about.

This tent comes with a 1-year warranty in case of malfunctioning, missing or destroyed parts.


For some campers, the tent is quite heavy and too big for easy folding and fitting into its carry bag. Though, for a tent that offers this amount of space, the Coleman 14×10 Foot 8 Person Instant Tent’s dimensions when folded, are on the lower side. The user needs to fold it carefully to get it into its bag. It helps a great deal to have it folded by two or more people.

Some buyers find it less effective due to its lack of the rainfly. The rainfly can be removed easily so that the tent is left with the mesh providing roof ventilation and also allowing the campers to view stars at night while inside the tent. This tent’s lack of the rainfly denies the user these privileges, though they have already been covered by other features such as 7 wide windows and 2 doors.

Some users find the anchor pegs weaker and less effective when it comes to very strong winds. This tent is designed in a way that it is resistant to windy conditions thus neutralizing this disadvantage.

Amazon Reviews

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For a great price, you can get the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent, a tent enriched with unbeatable features that can’t be found anywhere else. With this tent, you will be able to camp with your friends and family without loss of privacy, especially since you can subdivide it into two using the divider. This makes it even better for couples camping out with their children. This is the ultimate tent for any camper or anyone interested in exploring nature through camping.

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