Six Tent Camping Tips

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17627-campfire-flames-pv1) The first thing is identifying a good camp site; information from the internet could be useful since reviews and even ratings can be found online and you can choose the best one from the user review. Maps also can be used to look for established camping sites on a place well known beforehand or by friends. It is advisable to get useful information about the intended camp site with regard to things like sanitation, terrain, whether groups of people can camp together or even whether pets are allowed.

2) Another good tent camping tip is to get a good tent. A good tent should have an inbuilt sheet underneath it that prevents insects and cold from getting in the tent. An additional ground sheet can be purchased. The tent should be spacious enough for the number of people using it and it should also have additional space for storage. A window is necessary for good ventilation in your camping tent.

3) Sleeping arrangements should also be taken into consideration before in preparation of camping. Decide on where and what to sleep on and get them ready to make your night full of comfort as well as fearless. People may choose to sleep on camping beds, sleeping bags, on the camping mat or even air beds. If air beds are used, remember to carry a pump for inflating them as well as a repair kit just in case the air beds get damaged. Carrying extra sheets, pillows and blankets are also a good idea during your camping to give you the comfort out of your home.

4) Another important gear is the eating equipment. A good stove for camping can be purchased or in the case of a gas stove, make sure to have a canister for ignition. Cooking utensils and eating utensils should also not be forgotten. Pans and cooking pots should be of lightweight to reduce the total weight of the luggage for convenience purposes. Make sure to package enough food to last for the intended period of camping. Most camping sites have water supply so there is no need of carrying water. For safety, stoves should be kept outside the tent since tents are flammable. Some additional equipment like can openers, tablecloth, tissues and napkins can be useful during your tent camping.

5) Lighting is fundamental for good camping. It is one of an essential part of must have objects during your tent camping. Camping can turn out to misery when lighting is not present. Lanterns and lamps running on liquid fuel can be used to illuminate the tent. Don’t forget to bring torches too; large torches for use in the tent and small waterproof torches for use when visiting places like the toilet at night. Ensure to package spare batteries and fuel too.

6) Putting up the tent should be practiced before even leaving for the camp. On arrival to the campsite, pitching the tent should be the first activity to be done before darkness falls. One of the most useful thing to take into consideration is that selection of your tent camping must be a good place, where setting up the tent should be slightly sloping and flat areas are not advisable since it might rain. Ensure to tuck the ground cloth edges beneath the tent so that dripping water can’t collect.

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