Coleman Red Canyon Tent Review – What You Need To Know Before You Buy!

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  • Family camping tent can accommodate eight campers; measures 17 by 10 feet with a 72-inch center height
  • Included room dividers allow you to create three separate rooms
  • Coleman's exclusive Weathertec System is guaranteed to keep you dry from unexpected wet weather on your camping trip
  • Tent setup is easy with its shock-corded poles and easy-to-follow assembly instructions
  • Cool-Air port and Variflo adjustable venting system allows you to adjust airflow and access gear

The combined advantages of a warm interior, tough materials, and ample size are the defining factors of value in the Coleman Red Canyon 17-Foot by 10-Foot 8-Person Modified Dome Tent . Every camping expedition must begin and end with the assurance and satisfaction of warmth and security. The

The Coleman Red Canyon Dome Tent is a clear triumph in the art and design of tent-making especially when considered against many traditional and substandard options on the market. Apart from the advantage of accommodating eight campers, this tent allows the users to divide it into three separate rooms for increased privacy or utility value.

Moreover, the Coleman is conspicuous because of its superior aesthetic qualities for campers with some strong bias towards beauty. The designers of this tent spent sufficient time and effort to reinforce and enhance the dominant features of this tent for the sake of durability and reliability.

This Coleman tent is the perfect tent for family camping in spring, summer, or fall. With its 10’x 17’ footprint, it’s plenty big for large families. It will comfortably sleep eight people with room to spare for duffel bags or backpacks. It has a 72” peak height which provides adequate headroom for most people. The modified dome shape makes the tent more aerodynamic and allows it to remain stable even during windy weather conditions.

And in the event of those passing summer showers, the Coleman Red Canyon Tent has a waterproof floor and water-resistant fabric walls. The tent also comes equipped with a 100% waterproof rain fly to ensure your tent stays dry.

This Coleman tent is the perfect answer for weekend camping trips for large or small sized families. It has all the features you need for a comfortable and enjoyable camping adventure!

Key Features

Feature List and Current Price

1. The Coleman Red Canyon Comes with Enough Size for 8 Campers

Rarely do people camp in solitude. This tent provides the best solution for any group of up to eight people who want some assurance of comfort, space, and warmth regardless on the time of the year. The designers ensured that the Canyon stretches to 17 by 10 feet. This size is sufficient to accommodate eight adults or several children without difficulty. This feature distinguishes the Coleman Dome Tent from its petite and substandard imitations that expose occupants to the risk of suffocation and the discomfort of stuffiness. Size and safety are always proportional in the field of tent designs. Furthermore, the Coleman tent rises to a height of 72 inches at the center. This implies that any tall person can go about their business inside the tent without incurring the discomfort of stooping. The advantage of space allows free circulation of air, which allows the occupants to relax and sleep in utmost comfort.

2. The Room Dividers of the Coleman Enhances Privacy

The utility value of tents has shifted significantly from the traditional designs that limited most tents to the simple purpose of accommodation. The changing nature of usage has called for enhancements in design of modern tents for the purposes of providing more privacy to the occupants or partitioning some sections for storage purposes. The Coleman is designed with room dividers that make it possible to divide the tent into three parts. People who go out to camp as couples can have their private moments in the separated spaces. Moreover, one room could be spared for storing the camping materials and other clutter that may come up in the course of the expedition. The room dividers make the Coleman very convenient for family camping or some outreach activities that require campers to maintain some levels of privacy.

3. An Exclusive Weathertec System to Shield Occupants from Wetness

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent - Rain CoverCamping grounds can get extremely humid and adverse. Nothing subtracts from the pleasure of camping like the inability to stay warm and dry. Fortunately, the Coleman Red Canyon Tent is designed with a special Weathertec System that ensures that the campers do not come into contact with dew and wet surfaces because of the elements. Wet surfaces can destroy some camping materials and ruin some important activities that are scheduled for the finest moments of the camping trip. The Coleman’s Weathertec System works perfectly well for those who want total assurance of comfort for the entire period of the expedition. Notably, this feature is lacking in many ordinary tents on the market. Experts have found the system unique and convenient for camping in humid and cold environments. As such, the Coleman remains a great camping solution in wintertime.

Why It’s So Popular

The Coleman Red Canyon tent is popular for several reasons. The fact that it’s made by Coleman is one reason. Coleman has been producing camping gear for decades. Everyone remembers the Coleman kerosene stove and lanterns, right? They’ve been around forever. Coleman has been established in the camping world for a long time and people trust the name.

Another reason the Red Canyon tent is so popular is it’s a large tent. With a footprint of 10’ x 17’ and a ceiling height of 6’, it’s got more than enough space for even a large family to sleep, change into swimming suits, and store extra clothing and supplies.

Finally, the Coleman Red Canyon tent has all the features of more expensive tents, but at a more affordable price. sells the Red Canyon tent for under $100 and will ship it to you for free! To see this special offer, click here.

Fond Wintertime Memories with the Coleman Red Canyon

There wasn’t much to do back in New Orleans last year when winter struck. As usual, my friends and I chose to mark the cool moments in an outdoor excursion that was planned to commemorate a renowned storm-chaser who had succumbed to cancer a few weeks earlier. We wanted to experience what it felt like to face up with the elements. At the onset, we decided that we would need some strong tent that would keep us very safe from the blizzard. Some names were suggested but the opinions seemed to favor the Coleman Red Canyon above the other options. The camp site was at a remote field in the heart of Illinois. I had been out camping in the fields for some time but I must admit that I have very few positive things to report about the tents I used. Some of them could never keep me safe from the sub-zero temperatures and I actually felt that I was sheltering in a thin film of polythene. The Coleman Red Canyon 17-Foot by 10-Foot 8-Person Modified Dome Tent proved very different. It was warm and amply spacious. All the seven campers enjoyed the pleasant experience of sustained comfort and a welcoming ambiance. In all honesty, I find no reason to hold back a rating of 4.9 for this product.

What I Like About It – Pros

One comment most buyers make about the Coleman Red Canyon tent is the ease of setting it up. Maybe you’ve owned tents that were a nightmare to set up. I know I have. This tent is super easy to assemble, and most people say they can have it set up in about ten minutes. What a great way to start your camping experience! And the tent fits easily back into its storage bag, which is not always true with other tents.

Another feature that I like about the Coleman Red Canyon tent is the ability to create three separate rooms for sleeping. All you do is hang these fabric dividers on hooks provided in the tent, and presto – instant privacy!

The other major benefit of this Coleman tent is its ability to weather rain and storms. Even in the summer months it’s possible to experience a rain shower or sometimes a thunder storm with heavy rains.

The floor is made of 100% waterproof fabric which wraps up the sides a few inches. Even in a heavy rain, no water will enter the tent. The Coleman Red Canyon tent also comes equipped with a rain fly, also made of 100% waterproof fabric. This provides even more protection from those unexpected rain showers.

  • Easy to setup because of the easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Highly effective venting system for airflow control.
  • Made from strong material for durability and strength against physical stress.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Convenience of portability.
  • Remarkable aesthetic effects.

What I Didn’t Like – Cons

One negative comment I have about the Coleman tent is it doesn’t provide much in the way of warmth on chilly nights. If the temperature drops below 40 (which it can in higher elevation campgrounds) make sure you have good sleeping bags. The tent is really considered a 3-season tent, so it’s not insulated like the winter or mountaineering tents. Most of these tents have double walls for improved insulation. Just keep this in mind and make sure you have warmer bedding if there’s a chance the nighttime temperatures are going to be on the cooler side.

Some reviewers felt that the Coleman tent is too massive for comfort. They expressed their preference for smaller tents that would keep the occupants close for some comfort and company. However, this concern should be considered in light of the advantage of utility. The Coleman Dome tent is suitable for groups of up to eight people. Others customers feel that setting up the tent might be cumbersome because of its massive size. However, the easy-to-follow instructions do not require high levels of technical expertise for anyone to set up this tent.

What Other People Say About This Tent

Customer Reviews

The Coleman Red Canyon Dome Tent has attracted 1800+ reviews on Amazon with many customers expressed their satisfaction with the size and the technical details of the tent. Others were pleased with the user-friendly features of the tent including the ease of setting up. The general trend of the reviews shows a high level of satisfaction, which testifies to the superior qualities of the tent.

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Overall Thoughts

Overall the Coleman Red Canyon tent is worth every penny of its price tag. It’s easy to set up, has plenty of room for a large family, has raving reviews on its ability to shed water, and costs less than most tents its size. There might be a few characteristics about it that could be improved, but you’d also be paying 2 to 3 times more for it, too. For the price, the Coleman Red Canyon tent really can’t be beat. That’s why almost 2/3 of Amazon reviewers gave this tent a 5 out of 5 star rating.

Ultimately, the Coleman Red Canyon Dome Tent is a great camping solution that comes with the promise of comfort, convenience, and size. It is meant to shield the occupants from the vagaries of outdoor camping in ways that make every expedition truly remarkable. Its great value derives from the combination of its high quality materials and the great technical advantages.


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