Coleman Montana 8 Tent Review





  • Cabin design with specially angled windows that keep rain out even when they're open
  • Great for family car campers, scout leaders, extended camping trips
  • Electrical access port to bring technology inside the tent
  • Hinged door
  • Door awning, protection from rain and sun

Coleman Montana 8 Tent

When I decided to plan an exciting outdoor adventure for my 6 person family (including our overeager Labrador), I begun looking for high quality and affordable supplies that could meet my family’s needs. My attention was directed towards Coleman which has been churning out top grade camping gear for nearly 100 years, and that is where I encountered there lovely Coleman Montana 8 Tent.

Needless to say, the camping trip was an out of this world experience for the entire family. Spending time outdoors was satisfying, and once we got into our tent it seemed as though we were enjoying all the comforts of home. I give this tent the maximum 5 stars, though if I could I would say it performed 150%.

Features and Specifications

Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent Outdoors1. The tent has a refined dome structure that spans 16 feet by 7 feet; with a central height of 74 inches (a 6 foot 2 individual can comfortably stand erect in the middle of the tent).

2. The Montana 8 is held up by 11mm shock corded fiberglass poles, and is made up of sturdy taffeta fly (75D), 1000D polyethylene floor (seams are raised slightly above the ground) and polyester mesh (68D).

3. The spacious 1 room tent can fit a maximum of 8 people, 2 queen sized air mattresses and still leave room for bags.

4. The materials that make up the tent are fire retardant, ensuring that you and your family are safe in the case of a fire related accident.

5. An electrical access port gives you the opportunity to receive AC power by running an electric cord from inside the tent to an outdoor power supply.

6. The Coleman Montana 8 Tent is fitted with an inbuilt gear pocket that allows you to organize and itemize all your possessions.

7. The tent comes with a rainfly that caters to outdoor living. This rainfly extends to the front porch and covers the wings, providing both shelter and room to relax- you can comfortably fit 3 chairs beneath the awning over the front porch.

8. The tent’s durability and ease of transport makes it perfect for prolonged camping trips and distant camping destinations.

9. The Coleman Montana 8 Tent is extremely easy and quick to set up. Using the step by step instructions sewn into the carry bag, you and your family can have the tent up in 20 minutes.

10. The unique pin and ring designs as well as the continuous and snag free color coded pole sleeves, make your job easier and reduce the time taken to set up the tent.

10. There is a screen inner liner included in the tent that works to provide additional warmth in cold environments.

11. You can conveniently store your equipment in the separate sacks meant for both the poles and stakes.

12. Cleaning is uncomplicated; all you need is a damp cloth to wipe down all dirt and dust.

Excellent craftsmanship and sturdy design

Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent CoveringThe Coleman’s WeatherTec system removes the need for additional seam sealants as the factory sealants are of exceptional quality. There are 6 main protective design groups that protect all occupants of the tent from the elements; these include leak-free seams, waterproof floors, weather resistant fabric, a wind strong frame, protected seams and zipper protection.

Velcro frame attachments, rainfly covered windows and doors and entirely taped rainfly seams are used to prevent all types of leaks. Additionally waterproof floors that use an innovative welding technology work towards covering needle holes and reinforcing the tent floors. You are also kept dry through the weatherproof fabric that constitutes the materials of the tent. Together with the webbing, zippers and anti wicking thread, this fabric ensures protection in wet environments.

Another disruptive element is wind, and that is why the Coleman Montana 8 Tent uses a strong frame that is wind resistant. The engineering that is put into the construction of the frame anchors the tent by bolstering the poles and guy out triangles. InstaClip attachments are also used to protect the tent against strong winds. Furthermore we have inverted floors that protect the seams, by sheltering the needle holes in the interior of the tent where elements cannot reach them. Lastly, zipper cuffs add an extra layer of protection to all zippers.

Fresh and free flowing air

Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent No CoverIt is common knowledge that cramped spaces often result in humid and foul smelling air, and that is why Coleman has made ventilation one of their top priorities. Specially designed reverse angle windows allow light and air in while working to keep water out during the rainy season. There are also multiple privacy vent windows that ensure that there is a continuous inflow of fresh air.

Additionally, a vented cool-air port and an adjustable Coleman’s VariFlow feature allows you to control the amount and manner of air flowing into and out of your tent.

Convenient and imaginative door

While nearly every tent on the market requires you to go through the hassle of zipping up and down the door every time you go in and out of the tent, Coleman Montana 8 Tent is equipped with a patented hinged-door.

This large D-styled doorway is convenient and easy to use, and snaps open and shut as you move into and out of your tent.

What Other People Say About This Tent!

The Coleman Montana 8 Tent has an average of 4 stars on all major online shopping and rating sites, with 1,412 (as of September 6, 2016) reviewers on Amazon giving the tent an impressive 4.2 star rating. In addition, over 84% Amazon reviewers gave the product a minimum of 4 stars, with an overwhelming 58% reviewers giving the tent a perfect score.

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There are several features of the Coleman 8 Tent that have garnered it rave reviews and exceptional ratings.

1. The advanced hinged door of the tent allows for freedom of movement rarely witnessed in other tents.

2. Additionally, the ventilation system is superior, guaranteeing that fresh air is always circulating throughout the tent.

3. The affordable price that comes with this tent makes it available to a majority of campers.

4. The aesthetic design of the tent is exceptionally appealing.

5. The unique designs of the tent shortens the time spent setting up the tent; freeing you for more interesting activities.

6. The electrical access port allows you to bring electronic devices on your trip, as you have the provision of connecting to an electricity supply.
Overall, the detailed and skilled craftsmanship that has gone into the tent makes it an excellent choice for a camping trip.


Like every camping gear product on the market, the Coleman Montana 8 Tent comes with its own set of drawbacks. To begin with, the open mesh ceiling has been known to let cold air in when the tent is located in a chilly environment. However, this ceiling is perfect for star gazing and has been designed so as to not allow the entry of water.


If you are scout leader or parent searching for a large and affordable tent for you and your family/troops, look no further than the Coleman Montana 8 Tent. The uncomplicated set-up, element resistant designs, excellent ventilation, durability and an innovative door, place this tent at the front of the camping gear market. So go out today and buy the tent, and enjoy your fun filled camping trip with your family tomorrow!

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