Hook Review: Tiemco 2499 SPBL size 6


trout/steelhead nymphs and stinger/tube fly hooks


  • The Super Point is extremely sharp
  • Light wire doesn’t sink fly to the bottom when fishing soft inside seams
  • Did we mention that SP = SUPER SHARP
  • To date, it has one of the best hook-up rates out of any hook
  • When winter takes are light and your B-10s doesn’t stick, these will
  • It’s one durable little hook


  • It’s barbless, and sometimes you want a barb
  • It doesn’t sharpen well
  • It’s light wire and doesn’t sink well (yes, this is a pro and a con)

Something to think about…

When fishing the salmonfly hatch next spring your size 4 or 6 dry fly can do some serious damage on the smaller fish you catch. THINK about tying your big bugs on tubes and fishing size 10 and 8 2499 SPBLs out the back. Your hook-up rate will be great and your damage to the fish will be minimized.