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Picking the Best Sleeping Bag: A Look at Down Versus Synthetic Sleeping Bags

As you go about the process of shopping around for a sleeping bag, you likely have found yourself debating the pros and cons of down versus best synthetic sleeping bag. The reality is that there are benefits to be realized through down sleeping bags and there are positive elements associated with synthetic sleeping bags. Through this article, you are provided with an overview of down and synthetic sleeping bags to assist you in selecting the sleeping bag that is right for you.


Of course, when it comes to selecting a sleeping bag, comfort is a prime issue. Down sleeping bags have garnered fans because – as with other down products – they are comfortable. Many people initially shied away from synthetic sleeping bags because they worried that they would not be as comfortable as their down counterparts.

The reality is that modern day synthetic sleeping bags rival down products in terms of comfort. Moreover, synthetic sleeping bags have proven to be strikingly effective at controlling moisture related issues … they tend to stay drier easier than some down products.


If you are a person who suffers from allergies, you likely will want to avoid down products, including down sleeping bags. In the end, if you are an allergy sufferer, synthetic sleeping bags really would be your best bet when it comes to this type of gear.

In recent times, synthetic sleeping bags specifically have been designed and constructed to take into consideration people with allergies. Extensive research and effort has been expended to develop synthetic sleeping bags that specifically are designed to be perfectly suited to people who suffer from allergies.


Both down and synthetic sleeping bags have proven themselves to be durable products. The factors governing durability have more to do with construction than content of lining. Therefore, when it comes to selecting a sleeping bag, you will want to closely examine how the sleeping bag is constructed. And, you do want to keep in mind that there are companies such as Coleman that have established themselves as the manufacturers of solid sleeping bag and other types of recreational products, equipment and camping gear.


As with so many other products in this day and age, there actually are some pretty significant price variations in both down and synthetic sleeping bags. In other words, there are expensive down sleeping bags and there are expensive synthetic sleeping bags. And, at the other extreme, there are cheaper versions of these products.

In the end, when it comes to cost issues, you will want to make the initiative to shop around to find the sleeping bag that is most appropriate to your own specific needs at a price that reasonably fits well within your own personal budget. By taking a bit of time to shop around – both online and in the real world – you really will be able to find just the right sleeping bag (as well as other products, equipment and gear) to ensure that you have a wonderful camping or other type of outdoor experience.

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