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Selecting a Dog Sleeping Bag: Taking Man’s Best Friend Along on Your Outdoor Quest

If you aren’t a dog lover yourself, you probably know someone who is. For many people, dogs are practically a part of the family and truly live up to the title of “man’s best friend”. What this means, of course, is that dog lovers want to take their canine friends with them everywhere – including camping trips. Many dogs are naturally well suited to the outdoors, since as mammals they are covered with a thick fur and tough, padded feet. Some dogs, though, are not used to being outside and may be uncomfortable, especially when it gets chilly at night. That is why an increasing number of outdoor enthusiasts are packing along a camping with dogs for their furry companions. Though it may sound kind of ridiculous to some, the dog sleeping bag is becoming more common and are actually quite a hit with some pets and their owners. For adventurers who choose to take their dogs on extremely cold outdoor expeditions, they may even be necessary.

Even though most do have quite a bit of hair on their bodies, some dogs are not as well equipped as others to deal with outdoor conditions. This especially applies to smaller dogs who generate less body heat or ones that have less or thinner fur. Just like humans, dogs need to be warm at night to sleep comfortably and not be grouchy the next day. The dog sleeping bag is designed to wrap around their body and help keep them well insulated at night. They usually are not a tight as human camping sleeping bags, since many animals reject feeling that tightly confined and will squirm out. In fact, they usually have a wide opening so that the dog can escape easily if it needs to without human assistance. Also like people sleeping bags, it is essential to find a durable, tear-proof dog sleeping bag that can withstand rough trips in the great outdoors. This can also prevent dogs that like to scratch with their claws from accidentally ripping a hole in the material.

Many breeds actually take to their dog sleeping bag right off the bat. This is especially true of breeds like Jack Russell Terriers that are naturally inclined to burrow inside when they want to sleep securely. Other dogs will not enjoy being tucked in a bag at first. However, if the weather is cold enough and they are not warm, most dogs will quickly see the advantage of sleeping in a camping with your dog and hop right in. Sometimes treats can used to draw them in at first and help them warm up to the bag. Positive association is always helpful with canines.

Many a dog sleeping bag actually is equipped with straps that can be tied around the dog so that your furry companion can carry the bag itself. It does depend on the dog, though, as some breeds are simply too small to carry much of anything on a hike. If that is the case, it may actually be a good idea to leave your pal at home for the trip.

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