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The Coleman Hibernation Sleeping Bag: A Product Overview …

Coleman has become the premier brand when it comes to camping gear and outdoor recreation gear and equipment of all types. The Coleman sleeping bags are some of the most highly sought after products of their kind on the market today, including the winter sleeping bags . Perhaps you are considering the purchase of a Coleman Hibernation sleeping bag. Towards that end, you may want some basic and essential information about the Coleman Hibernation sleeping bag before you do make a decision, before you make purchase.

There are in fact a number of features associated with this sleeping bag that are unique to Coleman. You simply cannot find these features on any other sleeping bag that is on the market today. Indeed, it is precisely these unique and incomparable features that continue to draw a significant percentage of the market towards buying Coleman products time and time again.

The Basics

The Coleman Hibernation sleeping bag is roomy. It measures 66” by 75” and is designed to sleep two people comfortably. The Coleman Hibernation sleeping bag comes complete with a cotton cotton cover as well as a soft cotton flannel liner. The comfort level of this sleeping bag has been described as beyond compare by innumerable people who have had occasion to use this sleeping bag. It also gets high marks from independent consumer evaluation organizations.

With the Coleman Hibernation sleeping bag, you can keep comfortable at temperatures down to forty degrees. It is filled with six pounds of Coleman’s exclusive and industry market leading Hollofil 880 fill.

The sleeping bag as a handy exterior pocket. The sleeping bag easily can be laundered in a commercial washing machine and dryer. It stows readily for easy storage.

Coleman ComfortSmart Technology

The Coleman Hibernation sleeping bag includes ComfortSmart technology. The features included with the ComfortSmart technology include:

– ZipPlow: The unique ZipPlow, offered only on Coleman products, keeps the fabric of the sleeping bag from snagging into the zipper.

– Comfort Cuff: Comfort Cuff is another unique Coleman offering that allows you to surround your face with utter softness

– Roll Control: Roll Control is designed to lock the sleeping bag into place for far easier rolling and storing.

– Fiberlock: Fiberlock is designed to prevent insulation from shifting. This increases the durability and lifespan of the product.

– Thermlock: Yet another unique Coleman features, Themlock reduces heat loss through the zipper which helps you to stay even warmer.

– Zipper Glide: This feature works to ensure smooth zipper operation each time and all the time.

– Quick Cord: Finally, this feature allows for quick storage of the sleeping bag with no tying required.

Cost and Warranty

The Coleman Hibernation sleeping bag is competitively priced. Indeed, you would be hard pressed finding another sleeping bag with anything close to the features offered with the Coleman Hibernation sleeping bag in the same price range.

Moreover, the Coleman Hibernation sleeping bag comes with a five year warranty and guarantee.

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