Benchmade 551 Griptillian Pardue Design Knife Review

Benchmade 551 Griptillian Pardue Design Knife is a full-sized cutting tool that is available at an attractive price. What is unique about this thumb knife is that it has an excellent grip in the hand although sometimes it can get a bit messy to hold his knife especially when wearing gloves. The Griptilian knife comes with a blade that is 3.45” long, thickness is 0.115” and the material used in this knife is stainless steel. It is relatively lighter compared to other knives and its valox handle provides users with a solid grip on the knife. The relatively lighter weight of this knife makes it a perfect companion to carry anywhere in a bag or pocket. The one interesting thing about this knife is that when it is open, the balance shifts just a fraction behind the lock slide axis.The built-quality of this knife is fabulous and it has excellent durability.

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Picking the Right Mini Crossbow

NcStar Crossbow with Red DotA mini crossbow / pistol crossbow can be really fun to play around with. There are a lot of options available all with different FPS (feet per second), draw weight, sights etc.

There are several advantages that pistol crossbows have over regular sized crossbows such as increased maneuverability and faster movement. They are also significantly cheaper. Where full-sized crossbows can retail at $500-$1000, you can get a great pistol crossbow at $25-$50 (some as low as $10-$15 if you are ok with something that will not last very long). If you plan to hunt small game or gifting it to younger people, pistol crossbows are perfect! The best thing, however, is that you can shoot one-handed! Meaning that you can go double crossbows!

These weapons come in many different shapes, dimensions, cocking mechanisms and even more importantly, they will have different calibers and shooting speeds. We also give you crossbow reviews of the 5 finest pistol crossbows on the market presently. In this post I have gathered the top rated products available on Amazon with real user reviews, so you can make an informative decision on what product to buy.

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Ryobi RY34420 String Trimmer Review

The Ryobi RY34420 String Trimmer undeniably is an impressive yard equipment tool. This ingenious, and innovative 4-Cycle trimmer has a powerful, and forcible low emission engine, yet what consumers will appreciate most is its convenience, comfortable grip, and minimal upkeep.
The Ryobi RY34420 String Trimmer embodies the features of substantial power, a curved shaft, and is lightweight. The Ryobi RY34420 String Trimmer comes complete with two string heads that are fixed and bump-feed, and the 18-inch cut width assists in etching, cropping, and tackling large areas.

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Zero Tolerance G10 Handle Review

Zero Tolerance G10

Zero Tolerance is known for straightforward pocket knives that work best all the time. There are no unnecessary parts and frills just a simple blade and handle assembly that work best when you want it to be. The G10 is a pocket knife that does more than cutting and splicing. It has features and advantages that you may be looking for in a practical pocket knife. This is a Zero Tolerance G10 handle review that may help you decide on which knife you may need to buy.

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Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow Review

Barnett Quad 400 Made by Barnett, a leading quality crossbow manufacturer for the last 5 decades, the Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow is a direct upgrade from its previous predecessor the Barnett Quad 300. The Quad 400 takes a stronger design, is much lighter and faster as well. As a matter of fact, this crossbow is one of the fastest crossbows in the market and can fire bolts at an amazing speed of 345 feet per second. Barnett’s goal is to provide top of the line crossbows to help enhance a hunter’s performance.

The Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow is a new and improved model of the former crossbow designed with some key features for better performance.

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556 Benchmade Mini-Griptilian Plain Edge Review

556-benchmadeBenchmade knives are a tradition and their pocket knife category is one of their finest products. One of these is the Mini-Griptilian Plain Edge knife which is a pocket knife that is simple, easy to use and efficient to use. The secret to the Mini-Griptilian’s popularity as a pocket knife, outdoor tool and all-around knife are its features. This is a Benchmade Mini-Griptilian Plain Edge review to help consumers find out more about this simple yet efficient pocket knife. Look more details on video below:

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Black & Decker LST220 String Trimmer Review

Black & Decker LST220 The Black & Decker LST220 cordless string trimmer and edger is powered by a 20 volt Max Lithium Ion battery that gives users more power and a lighter yard tool without the mess and hassle of gas powered trimmers.

What to Look for When Buying a Cordless String Trimmer

There are a few important things to keep in mind when buying a cordless string trimmer. These are:
  • The number of volts
  • The battery
  • The weight of the trimmer

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Best Rated Crossbows for 2015

best rated crossbow for 2015Crossbows have come a really long way, especially during the past decade. The technology and materials used to build these weapons are nothing short of incredible. The design has also been improved upon in order to increase accuracy, durability, and efficiency. These short-range hunting tools have also become more popular among marksmen and people who just want to have a little fun without actually needing a gun permit. Choosing the right crossbow can be difficult especially if this is the first time you are looking to buy such an item. Most crossbows have similar features but are set apart by things like weight, versatility or price. We have taken the time to go through a long list of products which are currently top selling items. We have taken into consideration key aspects which are found only with the best of crossbows. A proper crossbow will set you back more than $250 so you should make sure it has all the basic features needed in order to feel you’ve made the right choice.

The first thing you usually get with a top end crossbow is a nicely balanced body which has a lightweight design but can still offer stability. That balance should be achieved through great craftsmanship and not by using cheap materials.

The second point which needs to be checked off the “must have list” is material quality. A professional crossbow should not incorporate plastic parts. Top end crossbows are made out of carbon fiber.

One other thing worth thinking about is that just like with many other pieces of hunting equipment, you get what you pay for. Don’t be cheap as some products which are under $100 tend to deteriorate or even stop working after a short period of time.

Last but not least consider the noise levels. Crossbows are built and used to offer a less noisy alternative to guns. There is no point in buying a crossbow which will always give away your position. This is mostly a feature for those who plan on using the crossbow for actual hunting.

Here are the top 5 crossbows you should consider:

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Landmann Big Sky Stars and Moons Fire Pit, Georgia Clay Reviews

Landmann 28335 Big Sky Stars & Moons Fire Pit The Landmann Big Sky Stars and Moons Fire Pit is an outdoor fire pit beautifully built with a cold-rolled steel shell and a sand paint finish which gives it a great deal extra durability. With a 397 square inch burn surface, it can handle most needs for a domestic fire pit. This Landmann fire pit is attractively decorated with star and moon cutouts which bring a wonderful night times ambience. It has a 23-1/2 inch diameter bowl and also features a full diameter safety ring for added precaution.

Do all your outdoor cooking and BBQ’s on the Landmann Big Sky and Moons outdoor Fire Pit with its full-size cooking grate it’s ideal. It even comes with spark guard and a poker included!

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Landmann USA 28925 Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace Review

Landmann USA 28925 Ball of FireThis Landmann USA 28925 Ball of Fire Outdoor Fire pit has an attractive and exciting design. It’s concave spark screen gives theLandmann Ball of Fire amazing spherical appearance. Because of its unusual globe-like design it means you and your guests get an unobstructed 360-degree view of the mesmerizing fire glowing within.

You can easily access and stock the fire via a pivoting door which is equipped with a large handle. A hard-wearing steel construction and a 30-inch diameter make the Landmann Ball of Fire a great choice for any garden or patio.

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