What are String Trimmers

what-are-string-trimmersKeeping your yard and property looking well-maintained and professionally cut can take some extra work. One way to help cut down on how much work you have to put into it is to invest in a string trimmer. String trimmers are also known as weedeaters, weed wacker, line trimmers, and grass trimmers. They can help save you time and trouble when you go to work on your yard.

Weedeaters are trimmers you use to get the weeds and other unwanted debris away that the lawn mower cannot reach. They use a flexible monofilament line rather than a blade to cut grass, weeds, and other plants.

For trimming around areas around places such as your flower beds, you will want to get a weedeater with a curved shaft. There are three types of trimmers you can get including electric, gas and cordless. The benefits of using an electric string trimmer are that they are generally quieter and very light, perfect for yards that are on the small side, and there are no unwelcome fumes. The benefits of using a gas trimmer are that they are more powerful and more mobile, but are typically heavier and vibrate significantly. Cordless string trimmers are much more convenient.

Which type of weedeater you need depends upon the size of your yard and property you need to take care of. Electric weedeater is better suited for smaller yards, patio areas flower beds, and front steps. For larger yards and areas, you will want to get a gas weedeater.

Weedeaters needs little maintenance and can be stored fairly easily in sheds and garages. Prices for weedeaters vary depending on what type and brand you buy.

Grass trimmers are perfect for trimming those areas where grass has overgrown. You can choose from a corded style or a cordless style. Like a weedeater, it depends upon how large your area is you want to trim. Prices vary for these and they are generally a bit cheaper than weedeaters.

There are some accessories you will need for your string trimmer. You will need some line string eventually. Other accessories can include an extended attachment for those places that are extra hard to reach. On some gas powered trimmers, you can get shaft powered accessories such as pole saws, and hedge trimmers.

As when shopping for any item, it is always good to research the string trimmer you would like to buy. You can read our string trimmer reviews to help find the right trimmer for your yard. After this, you’re well on your way to an easier time taking care of your yard.

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