Ryobi RY34420 String Trimmer Review

Ryobi RY34420





  • Power tool offers power & reliability
  • Powerful 30cc 4-cycle low emission engine
  • No mixing of gas and oil
  • Overmold Comfort Grip Handle
The Ryobi RY34420 String Trimmer undeniably is an impressive yard equipment tool. This ingenious, and innovative 4-Cycle trimmer has a powerful, and forcible low emission engine, yet what consumers will appreciate most is its convenience, comfortable grip, and minimal upkeep.
The Ryobi RY34420 String Trimmer embodies the features of substantial power, a curved shaft, and is lightweight. The Ryobi RY34420 String Trimmer comes complete with two string heads that are fixed and bump-feed, and the 18-inch cut width assists in etching, cropping, and tackling large areas.

Ryobi RY34420In pinpointing the pros of the Ryobi RY34420, it adapts capably for attachments and has a curved shaft. One of the leading features though is not having to mix oil and gas, thus having one less gasoline can in the garage. Keeping one gas can for the car just in case it’s needed, and one gas can for both the lawn mower and trimmer makes a difference. That is one more gas can put in a yard sale that won’t be in demand any longer, when purchasing the Ryobi RY34220 String Trimmer. If there is per se, a con, there’s a minute and small likelihood that there are more parts to repair on 4-cycle trimmer as opposed to a 2-cycle trimmer.

For the ardent gardener, and weekend landscaper, the Ryobi RY34420 String Trimmer is chock-full of power, the lightest trimmer around, and it’s shaping can reach hard-to-get areas, proving it has the capacity and horsepower to get the job done efficiently. On a Saturday, when it’s time to kick back, and enjoy your day from the daily rat race we live in, time is valuable, and using the Ryobi RY34420 String Trimmer saves time, which in turn, means more precious time for you.


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