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When you get a good set of throwing knives you want them to last as long as possible while you are practicing throwing them at a target. To ensure you do not cause unnecessary damage to your knives it is best to use a target board that was specifically made for throwing knives.


Because the material for these are made such that the knives can stick into it and not fall out too easily as well as the material also protects the tips of the knives from bending. When you throw a knife into a tougher target over time this may cause the knife tip to bend especially if the tip does not strike the target at a perfect angle.

Also, continuous sticking into a tough target makes the knife tip dull quicker and then you have to constantly sharpen the tips for them to stick better. If you know enough about throwing knives you will know that too much sharpening over time can throw off the balance.

Here are some knife throwing target boards that we recommend (and do not recommend!) of various design styles and colors.

Field Logic Youth Block (4.6/5)

Designed for 40lb bows, this youth archery target block is perfect for use for knife throwing instead since the impact of a thrown knife nicely lines up with the low impact of a youth bow. This or a similar type of archery target is far and away my choice for target practice. There are other targets specifically marketed for knife throwing but I have yet to find one that did not have quality issues that made them not worth purchasing.

Features and Price

Champion 24-Inch Bullseye Archery Target (4.4/5)

These are just paper targets you would put over an appropriate backing and not a substitute for throwing your knives at an improper surface.

That said, these targets can usually be gotten for pretty cheap and I like using them for some impromptu target practice or if I am throwing my knives against something that does not have something appropriate for me to aim at.

Features and Price

The Perfect Point Throwing Knife Target Board (3.3/5)

This is made of 1-inch thick compressed material specifically designed for knife impacts. There is a metal hanging piece included at the back for wall mounting. Quality issues on this can be really hit or miss so only buy this if you can get it for pretty cheap or you have really light-weight knives.

Features and Price

Rampant 4 Piece Knife Throwing Set (2.9/5)

This target actually comes with 3 throwing knives included. The price is pretty decent and this would make an ok starter gift, but do not expect the target or the knives to last very long.

Features and Price

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