The Legendary Cold Steel Perfect Balance Throwing Knife Review

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  • Blade Thickness: 5 mm
  • Handle: 4 1/2
  • Overall Length: 13 1/2
  • Steel: 1055 Carbon
  • Blade Length: 9

 The Cold Steel Thrower has a 9-inch blade and a handle that is 4 and ½ inches long with a composite plastic finish. A small throwing knife is about 4 inches long while a large throwing knife is about 13 inches long. This puts the Cold Steel just about medium length which is good for practicing purposes.



The handle is continuous with the blade and does not have any finger guards and the plastic finish makes it fit snug into the hand of the thrower and gives extra comfort for increased accuracy.

The Cold Steel Thrower’s center of balance is near the midpoint of its entire length. This gives the knife great balance from end to end and makes it easier for the spin knife throwers to time and calculate the number of spins it will take in the air before it hits its target. And this is extremely important when it comes to accuracy.

One key feature that you should always take into consideration when looking for the best throwing knives is the weight of the knife. If you have some throwing knives that are light weight you may have some trouble throwing those over longer distances especially if there is extra wind. The wind may not only mess with the accuracy and precision of your throw, but it may actually throw your knife off its target altogether.

The cold steel thrower is 15.4 oz, which is pretty weighty for a 9 inch thrower. It is also important to note that a heavier knife if thrown with some real power will penetrate almost any target, while a lighter knife may bounce off at times.

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