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Whenever you are watching some special ops movies and you see the main character go to town on the bad guys with this mean looking blade, they are probably using a Gerber Guardian (or something similar). The Gerber Guardian the first double edged blade I have got my hands on and the first one we are reviewing on this site! This awesome knife really makes you feel like some sort of covert ops when you carry it just because of its slick black color and professional handle, not to mention its deadly blade. If knives were people, I would say the Gerber Guardian would have to be Rambo. Overall, this is a brilliant knife and used by many service men and women defending our country overseas.Gerber Guardian


The first thing you will notice about the blade obviously is that both sides are sharpened. First of all, this means that you really need to be careful when using the knife as both sides of the blade are incredibly sharp. The blade length is 3.41 inches long so it is a relatively good size for a fixed blade knife. The blade usually keeps a nice edge relatively well, however, you will find that it does need a bit of sharpening here and there to keep it up to tip-top standards. As the blade is blackened, it is non-reflective which is great for using it in stealth.

The blade is really designed for flesh, whether it be in self-defense or if you are looking to skin a deer, this blade should be able to handle it fine. In the case of self-defense, this knife is perfect and just the action of pulling it out and showing your attacker should hopefully be enough to scare them away because this knife means business!


The Gerber Guardian is designed with a neoprene-covered nylon handle which provides and excellent hold on the knife. You will be able to get a really solid grip on this baby in both the forward and reverse positions and you will be able to keep that solid grip even when your hand is placed under pressure or stress. As this is a nylon handle, you will also find that you are able to get a strong hold even when it’s raining making this a good knife for all different types of conditions.

The blade is relatively light also weighing in at only 3 ounces which means that you are barely going to feel this knife at your side and it isn’t going to weigh you down or restrict your movement.


Overall, the Gerber Guardian is a brilliant tactical fixed blade knife. It is definitely one that I would recommend if you are a service man or woman just for the level of self-defense it provides, however, if you wanted it as a hunting knife or something similar, I would probably say it isn’t the best for that as there are plenty of other models that will do that job just fine.


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