CRKT Dragon Knife Review

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  • 9Cr18 High chromium stainless steel
  • 4.5-Inch full tang blade
  • G10 scales with diagonal grooved handle
  • Kydex sheath

If you are after a budget defense/tactical knife then look no further and pick yourself up the CRKT Dragon. This little baby is not going to be your best quality knife but is definitely going to do the job well. CRKT are renowned for quality and luckily that is what this knife will deliver. For the price, the Dragon is a top quality knife.

Overall Length 9.25″
Blade Length 4.5″
Blade Steel 9Cr18
Best for Defense
Score 6/10

This knife is designed by Crawford and Kasper so you know that you are getting a well-designed knife! You will definitely not be disappointed with this purchase especially if you are giving it as a present. The knife looks damn tough so if you are ever in a self-defense situation, merely the act of showing this knife should be enough to scare the attacker away.


The CRKT Dragon features a 4.5″ inch blade which makes it a medium size defense knife. The blade is made out of 9Cr18 steel which isn’t the best quality but is still relatively good for the price. It is stainless steel, however, so it is going to be rust and corrosion resistant which is a huge plus.

CRKT Dragon Knife

The shape of the blade is perfect for its intended use as it provides a really sharp penetrating point. This makes it perfect as a tip slasher or for thrusting and is definitely going to leave a mark in your target. The blade features a flat edge, meaning that it isn’t going to be the best for slicing however it can still do a pretty good job.


The CRKT Dragon’s handle is probably its best feature in my opinion and is what makes this a good tactical knife. The handle is made out of G-10 plastic meaning that this knife is going to be incredibly grippy and allow you to get a solid grip on it. Because of the scales, it also means that even in the wet, you are able to maintain a good hold on the knife.

The best part of the handle, however, is the grooves. The handle features a deep finger choil near the top which allows you to get a really comfortable and secure grip that is perfect for thrusting and slashing. A lot of other tactical knives won’t have this which means that whilst you can still get a good grip, it isn’t exactly ideal. As the Dragon is full tang, though, the bottom also features a glass break/blunt end that can be used as a blunt weapon if you do not want to exactly stab your attacker.


Overall, if you are looking for a good quality, yet relatively cheap defense knife then go with the Dragon. This is a top quality knife and is going to get the job done. However, I do recommend that before you buy it you go down to your local knife store and try it out first just to make sure that it is the right knife for you (I am sure it will be, though!).


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