Zero Tolerance G10 Handle Review





  • Folding knife with S30V stainless steel blade coated with black tungsten DLC
  • SpeedSafe ambidextrous assisted opening system for easy 1-handed opening
  • G-10 handle with textured, matte-black scales for secure grip
  • Quad mounting system allows tip-up, tip-down, left- or right-handed carry
  • Blade measures 3-1/4 inches; overall length of 7-5/8 inches; weighs 6.2 ounces

Zero Tolerance G10

Zero Tolerance is known for straightforward pocket knives that work best all the time. There are no unnecessary parts and frills just a simple blade and handle assembly that work best when you want it to be. The G10 is a pocket knife that does more than cutting and splicing. It has features and advantages that you may be looking for in a practical pocket knife. This is a Zero Tolerance G10 handle review that may help you decide on which knife you may need to buy.

Features of the Zero Tolerance G10

Zero Tolerance G10-folded

Advantages of using this pocket knife

  1. The Zero Tolerance G10 handle has a sharp blade that will withstand countless stresses since it is made of hardened and coated stainless steel. It can cut or splice with its sharp edge and the tip is gently pointed to give an instant punch or tear in any material that you wish to cut. The black tungsten coating increases the life of the blade since it resists rust and corrosion even when it is used regularly. The shape of the blade is quite larger than usual pocket knives and this must be a design to add more control to the user.
  2. The handle is dependable and with its textured finish you can use it without fear of slipping or dropping, unlike other pocket knives with plain handles. It is also specially contoured for an extra strong grip perfect when you are using the knife outdoors or when your hands are wet. The handle is able to hide the blade securely and discretely but even with one hand, the user can open this knife.
  3. The knife is also light for its size so this means you can use it in any kind of job without fear of stressing or hurting your hands, wrists or arms in the process. The lightweight feature, on the other hand, makes it easier to carry anywhere; you can place this in your pocket, purse or in your bag.

Disadvantages of using this pocket knife

Possibly the most common disadvantage is the price. It is one of the most expensive pocket knives of the same features and style. It costs $120 online which is the price of a moderate to high-end knife. But of course, the amount is certainly a small price to pay for the knife’s high quality. The blade, handle and the one-hand opening system even when it uses an assisted opening mechanism really makes it all worthwhile.

Zero Tolerance G10-top


The Zero Tolerance G10 handle is a knife suitable for people who often do projects outdoors and those looking for a durable and dependable knife for personal defense. It has the right size, it is lightweight and will deliver the most accurate and efficient results each time you use it. The blade is sharp and will retain its sharpness thanks to its durable coating; the handle allows you to handle the knife safely. It may be more expensive compared to knives of the same features and style, but the price is overlooked because of its amazing features and advantages.


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