Spyderco Junior By Alexandru Dionescue G-10 Plain Edge Knife Review

Spyderco Junior By Alexandru Dionescue G-10 Plain Edge Knife





  • Right/Left, Tip-Up clip
  • Compression Lock
  • Handle guard
  • Flat-ground VG-10 Plain Edge blade

Finding a quality plain edge knife is so important if you want to always create the best sliced vegetables, fruit, meat, or even bread. The all new Spyderco Junior made By Alexandru Dionescue G-10 Plain-Edge Knife has been getting quite a lot of attention lately, as it has been claiming to offer some of the most superior features and benefits the best most reliable junior knife should offer. However, before you buy any kitchen tool especially for kids, it is important that you learn all the specifications of the product to find out if it is best for you and your child. Watch the video below in detail and get a closer look.

The main idea of this Junior folding knife followed the idea of Romanian Tech Manager Alexandru Diaconescu. It all started when he saw the interest his young son had in cooking where his son would always ask for his very first pocket knife. This question obviously alerted a couple of parental precaution questions that he had and so he decided to create his own personal pocket knife that was safely designed for kids interested in cooking. The main benefit to this knife would definitely have to be its safety features where the guard that is built in help to maintain the solid firm control that you have over the knife’s blade while also creating a strong block that effectively stops the fingers from sliding near the blade and all sharp edges.

Spyderco Junior By Alexandru Dionescue G-10 Plain Edge Knife

Another tremendously great feature to this knife is that it is highly comfortable to use regardless of your age and hand size, making it perfect to purchase whether you’re an adult, child, woman, or man. The proper position guard inside of the G-10 handling helps to leave less room for locking mechanisms where the Spyderco Compression locks can be added for compact components and great strength. If you screw together the construction, the oversized lanyard hole and deep pocket can be used for left and right handed people, plus the handed tip up wire-clip further complements the handle bar. The knife is made with a strong VG-10 blade that is grounded full-flat allowing it to offer PlainEdged features for some of the greatest available cutting performances with a non-skid jimping located above the spine right behind its Spyderco Round Hole. Although this knife was made specifically for kids, it works just as well if not better in comparison to any other regular knife out there.

Spyderco Junior By Alexandru Dionescue G-10 Plain Edge Knife-1

Another great feature to this knife is that it is highly lightweight making it easy to control even without a strong grip. Despite the fact that it is very lightweight, it still happens to be quite durable, because it is quite resistant to scratches and damages.

Spyderco Junior By Alexandru Dionescue G-10 Plain Edge Knife-2

In conclusion, this knife definitely is a great investment to make especially if you want your kids to enjoy cooking without the extra risk of getting hurt. However, even though this knife lessens the risk of danger while cooking, it is still very important to supervise them at all times to prevent any injuries from happening.


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