Introduction to Ceramic Pocket Knives

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Ceramic pocket knives are pocket knives that have a heavy duty and strong ceramic blade. Ceramic pocket knives are also known for its versatility and high quality; these are reasons why it is the kind of blade that is chosen by military and police and for industrial uses.

Aside from being having a sharp edge, ceramic knives has been chosen by users for so many applications because of the following reasons:

  1. Ceramic knives may be developed with non-conductive edges. This makes it very effective in so many industrial uses. It is a kind of knife known to be used in working with electronic devices, creating aerospace parts and in cutting rigid Kevlar for different applications.
  2. Ceramic knives are available in two popular blade colors: black and white. While it is unusual to use a white blade, black is still the most preferred color. There is no actual difference when it comes to sharpness and hardness but a black knife is definitely more appealing compared to white bladed knives.
  3. There are pocket knives as well as folding knives but the best designs are folded designs since this protects the ceramic blade from becoming dull. This means that your ceramic pocket knife is ready to spring into action whenever you need it.
  4. For people hesitant to choose between a ceramic knife and an ordinary pocket knife because of their lack of sharpening skills, this kind of knife is quite easy to sharpen. You will only need to use a 600 grit diamond bone fine silicone carbide sand paper that works on wet and dry applications.
  5. Ceramic knives are a collector’s dream. These knives are among the most decorated and creatively designed compared to traditional and even modern knives. There are ceramic knives in all kinds of colors and shapes plus different kinds of locking mechanisms to meet your specific needs.
  6. And since this knife has a ceramic blade, it is heat –resistant so this means you may use this for cooking and food preparation.

Check out the following popular brands and models of ceramic pocket knives:


Legendary Whitetails Stealth Ceramic Pocket Knife

Legendary Whitetails Dual Tower KnifeThis is a classic pocket knife model that boasts of revolutionary zirconium oxide ceramic blade as well as a 440C high grade stainless steel blade with gut hook. The edge of the blade retains its sharpness forever and with its drop point design allows it to penetrate even the toughest material. The handle is made of aircraft-grade aluminum G10 that will never slip. This ceramic pocket knife is sold around $34.99.

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BASIC – Ceramic Folding Pocket Folding Knife from BobyK

Ceramic Folding Pocket Folding Knife from BobyKThis pocket knife has a beautiful black ceramic zirconia oxide 3 1/8 long blade, durable metal handle with artistic wooden scales design and an ambidextrous thumb stud. This weighs only 5 ounces which make it easy to carry with you anywhere. This pocket knife is sold online for only $28.00 in some places.

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Boker Ceramic Gamma Pocket Knife

Boker Ceramic Gamma Pocket KnifeThis pocket knife has a 2” black finish ceramic blade that has a thumb lug for better control. With a 3” closed linerlock, textured black G-10 handles and a lanyard hole, you can take the Boker pocket knife anywhere. This ceramic pocket knife is available online for around $41.

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How to keep a ceramic pocket knife sharp

Keeping a ceramic pocket knife sharp and read for anything is a must especially when you plan to use your knife as a utility knife or tool. You should, therefore, invest in a sharpener that will work on ceramic knives. Sharpeners are available in manual or automated (battery operated or uses electricity). Make sure that you are using a suitable sharpener and to regularly inspect your ceramic blades since these blades are known to be hard yet brittle especially when regularly used.

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