How to close a pocket knife?

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The pocket knife should be opened and closed in an appropriate way so that you will not get injured. When you close a folding knife, you should hold the blade and the handle should be closed. The closing should be done in a very careful way. The knife size will be small and the handle will be big. There is the probability that the knife moves away from the handle. If you hold the body in a firm way, the blade can be closed in an efficient manner.

Step by step procedure

There will be a locking mechanism in pocket knives. You should read the guidelines so that you will understand the procedure. The most common lining mechanisms that are used in pocket knives are liner locks and lock backs.

  • In order to close a liner lock, you should hold the open and locked knife by the handle. The sharpened edge of the blade should face upwards.
  • The thumb should be placed on the liner lock and it should be moved sideways to that, it will disengage from the pivot point.
  • The back of the blade should be grasped and it should be folded towards the inner liner. The liner lock should be released and the thumb should be moved out of the way so that you can hold the blade.
  • You should hold the knife with the sharp edge which faces down. There will be a narrow elongated lock on the edge of the knife. You should hold the back of the blade with another hand so that the blade will not fold quickly. If it is closed rapidly, it will lead to injury.
  • You should hold the knife handle by the sides or scales. The fingers should be out of the way or to the side. The lock mechanism should be pressed so that the blade will be released.
  • Finally, the knife blade should be guided so that it will fold into the knife. The mechanism should be released as you fold the blade into the handle.

Procedure to close folding knife

  • You should hold the knife safely in your hands. You should hold with the back of the knife and it should face towards you.
  • The locking mechanism should be located which will be on the handle of the folding knife. Some folding knives use lock release button. You can find the button on the spine of the knife handle. Some other knives use locking bars. The bar will be located on the front of the blade so that it will not close.
  • You should push the locking bar to the side so that the lock is released and the blade will be allowed to close.
  • The knife should be closed to the storing position.
  • You can use the handle so that the blade can be guided very safely.


If you learn the right closing technique, you will be able to close the knife in a safe way so that you will not be injured in this process.

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