How to Choose Tactical Folding Knives

The best tactical folding knife will give you years of security, effectiveness, ease of use and peace of mind. Nothing compares to the feel of a secure blade and a firm but comfortable grip that provides maximum power. Tactical folding knives are meant to do damage and in fact, some of these kinds of knives are even illegal to own in some parts of the world. However, if you wish to own a knife that will protect you and will give you the winning advantage in case of an attack then only the best tactical folding knife is your choice.

But how to choose tactical folding knives? How do you know that you have chosen the best? There are so many criteria for choosing the best tactical folding knife; you need to learn all about these before you could choose the ideal folding knife for you purpose:

  • Purpose – since there are so many types of folding knives you should first determine your purpose in purchasing a knife. Is it for every day protection, for general use like camping trips or an all-around utility knife, a survival knife or a folding knife for self-defense. The more you know what your folding knife is for, the more you will easily find the best model.
  • Opening mechanism – sometimes called the deployment mechanism. There are different ways to open a folding knife but the most popular are using the flick motion. You may also find the thumb hole method, which is popular in Spyderco knives, better since you just need to press a hole with your thumb to open the knife. Fewer grip changes and definitely no need to stall before you attack.
  • Locking your knife – the locking mechanism will provide utmost security when you carry the knife with you. There are different kinds of locking mechanisms and the best ones are the liner lock and the frame lock which gives the most efficient results.
  • The blade – knife users agree that the S30V and the 154CM are the most popular blades since these are harder, tougher and sharper than conventional and even exotic and foreign blades. The blade may either be serrated, non-serrated or plain. A knife with a powdered coating reduces corrosion which extends the life of the blade.
  • Handle – there are so many kinds of folding knife handles but the best has to depend on the user. Opt for a handle with a hard and durable inside while a comfortable and efficient grip.

According to online folding knives enthusiasts, one brand seems to be more popular than the rest. In most sites on how to use tactical folding knives, the has the best features and advantages over other pocket knives. The blade material and design offer impressive power and since it is made by Spyderco, you can be sure that it packs a lot of power despite its size and length.

Take time to understand the criteria on how to choose tactical folding knives. You will be able to have utmost peace of mind when you own a folding knife that conforms to the features that you are looking for.

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