Buck 301 Stockman Folding Pocket Knife Review

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  • The Item Dimensions are Length (in) 4.5 Width (in) 1.25 Height (in) 1
  • Three 420HC Steel Blades; 2-3/4
  • 3-7/8
  • Bucks largest traditional folding pocket Knife
  • Buck Forever Warranty, and Made in the USA
Buck 301 Stockman Folding Pocket Knife has been able to create a niche of its own being the only folding knife that is bigger compared to other knives. The Buck 301 folding knife has a class of its own with its beautifully crafted design and 3 stainless steel blades that are foldable. The knife also features a clip point of 3 inches along with a black ergonomic plastic handle with an inscribed Buck Bolt classic logo. The knife has three Stainless Steel blades – sheep’ foot, clip and Spey. This is one of the best-selling and popular foldable pocket knives that are available in the market today.

Buck 301 StockmanBuck 301 Stockman Folding Pocket Knife is ideally suited for military personnel when they are in the field. The three foldable blades are ideal for multiple tasks and serve these men well. People who wander out in the woods can find this knife extremely useful for meeting their various requirements, for instance, they can use its ultra-sharp razor blade for shaving. Moreover, the knife is also ideal for camping purposes as users can easily slice and dice things with precision and it can act as a tool for cooking too. The Spey blade present in this knife has been named after Scotland’s Spey River and it is extremely popular among people who are crazy about fishing.

Multiple uses of the folding pocket knife

Buck 301 Stockman Folding KnifeThe foldable three blades in this knife also help professional craftsmen who find it easy to chisel out wooden objects to produce things that are spectacular. This knife is also popular among maintenance or repair men who prefer carrying knives that are light in weight and convenient to carry compared to heavytools. The portable size of this knife makes it an ultimate tool of choice among people who are actively into various types of trade. Switching blades is an absolute delight when working with this knife. The stainless steel blades are hard enough to withstand rough usage and their exceptional built quality makes them durable.

Exceptional design and features

Buck 301 Stockman BoxThe good thing about this knife is that despite having three blades, it is compact and can be carried easily in the pockets or bags. It has been designed keeping in mind various hands that would be working with this knife, so it is not that big. The blades do not scrunch up against each other despite its pocket knife label. This means that the blades on this knife do not have any additional stress that would make it hard to operate. However, if it is used for years, it might result in few broken pieces of blades. There is no room for any liners in this knife as it has been taken care of with the 3 back springs present in it. Foldable three blades are what makes this knife special than some of the other knives available in the market. Being compact in size does not take away its exceptional precision cutting and slicing. It performs almost similar to any standard knife in the market. The blades in this knife undergo a heating process that makes them extremely tough and sharp. The stainless steel used in these blades do not pit or rust that easy. The notches present in this knife make it easier for the owner to deploy the blades easily.


  • This Great Hunting Folding Blade Knife is used for the outdoors.
  • This is a product of the company Buck
  • The Item Dimensions are Length (in) 4.5 Width (in) 1.25 Height (in) 1
  • Three 420HC Steel Blades; 2-3/4″ clip point, 2″ spey, and a 2″ sheepsfoot blade
  • 3-7/8″ Closed Length; 2.9 oz.
  • Injection Molded Black Valox Handle with Nickel Silver Bolsters
  • Bucks largest traditional folding pocket Knife
  • Buck Forever Warranty, and Made in the USA


The knife comes with a full lifetime warranty, so in the case of any damage, customers can contact Buck Knives Company to replace the same. Buck knives are known for their exceptional built quality and durability and users of these knives are extremely happy with the features they provide. Customization option is also available from the company on request. So, people who are looking to get further information about this folding pocket knife can get in touch with us!


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