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US made tools have gotten an impression of durability. This has made people seek US made brands especially when it comes to tools. But aside from the given fact that the tools made in US like pocket knives have impressive durability and standards, there are ones that really steps out from the pool and excels. So if you are looking for pocket knives for all your emergency cutting and slicing needs, here are the best pocket knives made in the USA.

Kershaw 1555TI


First up is the Kershaw 1555TI folding knife. This exudes the ability of the pocket knives to be tagged along. Its impressive design sees to it that it is safe to tag this knife along. In fact, it has a safe frame lock which makes it a point for the handle to be locked in place when it is used to be able to wave away the possible occurrence of cuts. It also has a marked Speedsafe assisted opening to be able to have it prepared for use in a manner that will not turn the use of it dangerous.

It has a flipper and thumb stud too in order to facilitate an easy grip on its handle without the possibility of it slipping away. Couple it up with the ability of the knife to be carried tip up, tip down, left or right handed manner which tells that this is one versatile tool. As an added bonus, Kershaw 1555TI has a titanium carbo-nitride coating which sees to it that it delivers extreme performance without the possibility of it being covered in rust in the long run. This coat also makes cleaning this pocket knife easy with just a few swipes off.

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Gerber 31-000752


An equally impressive US made pocket knife is Gerber 31-000752 folding sheath knife. Gerber has long been known as a trusted US brand which had established a name since 1939. This alone will give you enough idea that this is a knife worthy to be invested in. This model specifically has a high carbon stainless steel blade which makes it even a better tool to use on different cutting needs especially ropes. Just like any other good working pocket knife, this too has a thumb stud but placed in both side to be able to facilitate single handed operation. Moreover, for an added comfort for the user, it has an ergonomic textured design to wave away the possibility of it slipping away and providing comfort while making use of it for long hours. Though it comes heavy in features, this is light in weight making tagging it along come with ease.

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Schrade 7OT

Schrade 7OT old timer cave bear is one that will never be left behind too. This embodies a blade with a length that is good enough for your detailed cutting needs. It has a solid design that speaks of nothing but impressive performance. When it comes to durability deals, no one could possibly question this type of tactical tool with stainless steel metal blade that is sure to hit every cutting deal without leaving it stained with rust in the long run. Plus, it comes with a handy and stylish leather cover that one can tag along and be put to safe keeping.


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These are just some of the best pocket knives to be ever made in the US. These ones must draw you some sort of interest given the facts. Fish out the ones that you think will serve you best as you are given the options. No matter what you will choose, the pocket knife will surely give you your desires and needs when it comes to cutting because it is from a reputable manufacturing country.

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