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What are Japanese pocket knives and what makes it different from other pocket knives?

Japanese pocket knives are pocket knives that are crafted and sold by Japanese knife makers. What makes Japanese pocket knives different from other pocket knives is that most of these are crafted by hand. Generations of knife makers still create amazing masterpieces to this day which is why nearly every young man in Japan owns this kind of knife. From sharpening pencils, woodcarving, cutting, woodworking and splicing, Japanese pocket knives are versatile and handy to have around.

There are several differences between a Japanese pocket knife and pocket knives sold nowadays. First, most Japanese knives are sharper and stronger since proven and guarded methods of strengthening steel used in the manufacture of Japanese swords, are usually used to create these knives. Authentic Japanese pocket knives have no locking mechanism and may be opened using a forged lever tang. The blades are created by setting it on a small folded sheet of metal making it very hard but at the same time may also be brittle. Using the knife often and mishandling it may lead to chipping of the blade

Each Japanese pocket knife is a work of art considering most of these knives are manufactured by hand. Just the handle of a Japanese knife is enough to reveal how skillful and artistic Japanese knife makers are. When you purchase a Japanese folding and pocket knives, you should consider buying a fabric case to protect your knife. Finally, buy only from reputable dealers. Take time to find a dealer online so you can own an authentic piece of Japanese culture.


Popular Japanese pocket knife brands

Here are three popular Japanese pocket knives that you must check out online:

Hattori hunting knives

These pocket knives from the expert hands of Ichiro Hattori known knife making expert, His knife company is known to export hunting knives for Kershaw, Browning, Tekna, Beretta and other popular brands.  Hattori knives are custom made and are known for detailed hand work. The most popular Hattori knife is the Hattori Fighters FT-100 with a slightly recurved blade, long blood groove and false edge at the back of the blade. The blade is made of thick AUS-8 chrome-molybdenum and vanadium stainless steel which is hardened to HRc.58 – 59 has a pointed sharp tip. The handle is made from authentic Cocobolo wood or African Ebony wood and is rounded to fit the palm of the handler. The FT-100 has a solid nickel silver hilt guard and rivets along with a lanyard hole.

This Japanese pocket knife is available online for $340.

Hattori hunting knives

Japanese pocket knife “Higo no kami”

This is a knife that oozes craftsmanship and skill along with an amazing eye for detail. The blade is made from carbon steel making it durable and strong. It has a brass handle with beautifully engraved figures. The blade length is about 70mm and does not have a mechanical locking system.

Higo no Kami 7 Pocket Knife by Nagao Seisakusho, Parkerized Black Satin Finish
787 Reviews
Higo no Kami 7 Pocket Knife by Nagao Seisakusho, Parkerized Black Satin Finish
  • Made by the last remaining manufacturer of this trademarked knife, Nagao Seisakusho
  • Blade approximately 3", handle approximately 4"
  • Warikomi steel
  • Parkerized black satin handle
  • Specifications and appearance may differ slightly due to the handmade nature of this product

 The Higo Knife

This a popular name not just in Japan but also the world. These knives are known for its hardness, durability and artistic beauty. Higo knives are also limited in quantity and interested buyers should take advantage while stocks last. The Higo is a pride of Japanese culture.

The Courage model Higo knife is sold for $65 online however currently the product is out of stock due to a high demand of this knife.

Higo Knife

Do your homework in choosing the ideal pocket knife that will suit your needs. A Japanese pocket knife is not just a tool but is a work of art so get to know about this kind of knife before you make your purchase.

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