556 Benchmade Mini-Griptilian Plain Edge Review





  • Premium AXIS Function
  • Modified Drop-Point blade with Ambidextrous Thumb-Studs
  • 154CM stainless steel blade (58-60HRC)
  • Glass-filled nylon handles with stainless steel liners
  • Reversible tip-up pocket clip

556-benchmadeBenchmade knives are a tradition and their pocket knife category is one of their finest products. One of these is the Mini-Griptilian Plain Edge knife which is a pocket knife that is simple, easy to use and efficient to use. The secret to the Mini-Griptilian’s popularity as a pocket knife, outdoor tool and all-around knife are its features. This is a Benchmade Mini-Griptilian Plain Edge review to help consumers find out more about this simple yet efficient pocket knife. Look more details on video below:

  • Blade length of 2.91” and blade thickness of 0.100”
  • Handle thickness of 0.510
  • Weighs 2.56oz.
  • Blade made of 154CM stainless steel with a hardness of 58 – 60HRC
  • This is a modified drop-point blade with an ambidextrous thumb studs
  • Valox handle with stainless steel liners
  • With a reversible steel tip-up pocket clip
  • With an AXIS locking mechanism
  • Overall length of 6.78” and a closed length of 3.87”
  • Available in 556 and 5515 models and in different colors
  • A compatible sheath material is available.

Features of the 556 Benchmade Mini-Griptilian Plain Edge

Advantages of using this pocket knife

  1. The Mini – Griptilian is light and will fold into a small item that you can easily hide in your bag, purse or your pockets. You need a light yet strong pocket knife like this one since you can easily take it anywhere you want to go. It is so lightweight making handling very easy and will never cause strain on your hand or wrist.
  2. The blade of the 556 has a plain edge that can cut, slice, peel and slash and has a pointed tip to easily penetrate hard or tough materials. The blade is made from a hard stainless steel material that will never rust or corrode no matter how often you use it. The model 5515 is partially serrated near the sharp edge.
  3. The handle is durable and will not slip or slide because of its durable material with steel liners. It will provide an ample grip to control the blade. The locking mechanism is efficient and will prevent accidental opening. It also has a reversible pocket clip to make the knife more versatile.
  4. The locking mechanism is effective in reducing accidental opening. It is easy to open and use but will never open spontaneously.
  5. This pocket knife model is available in different colors which are for sale online.


Disadvantages of using this pocket knife

  1. The 556 Mini-Griptilian is a simple knife and for a collector, this knife has very limited features and may not be very helpful outdoor. It does not have Swiss features, but it is a perfect knife to carry for simple chores and outdoor jobs
  2. The Mini-Griptilian should have a more textured handle. A more efficient handle will reduce sliding and accidents.
  3. The price is about $100 online which is basically expensive than other simple plain edge pocket knife. But the price must never overlook the features that this knife has; the tough handle and strong stainless steel blade plus all the other features clearly is worth the price of this pocket knife online.



The 556 Benchmade Mini-Griptilian Plain Edge is a simple and practical pocket knife that may be the model you are looking for to suit your needs. It has so many advantages compared to other plain edge knives with the same style and the minor disadvantages of this pocket knife may surely be overlooked. This knife will surely be a practical all-around tool for indoor or outdoor use or it may be a knife for outdoor use even with its limited functions and features for outdoor activities. See more on more Benchmade pocket knives.


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