Best EDC Folding Knife

An EDC (every day carry) knife can be an extremely useful piece of equipment to have on you. You never know when you are going to be in a situation for when you are going to need such a knife, but when you are you are damn thankful you have one.

Kershaw Junk Yard Dog Folded

An everyday carry folding knife can be used in a variety of situations from cutting boxes, to preparing food to even being used in a survival situation. Their uses are really endless, but so is a number of products out there on the market. This can make your choice extremely overwhelming when deciding on what the best one for you is, which is why I made this post. Here I attempt to not only go through the basic features you need to look for when looking at getting an everyday carry knife, but also list a few top quality models which I highly recommend for you to get.

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3 Good Options for Best Folding Knife and Fixed Blade Knife

If you are in the market for the best folding knife or fixed blade knife then you have come to the right place. As they say, good shoes will take you to good places; but so will a good knife. The best knife will provide you with security, ease of use and most of all peace of mind. There is a huge difference between choosing the best folding knife for a civilian and a knife for a soldier. Initially determining your purpose for purchasing a folding knife will lead you to find a suitable one.

So what are the best folding knives and fixed ones then? Here are 3 good options for the best folding knife and fixed blade knives for you. These knives have been chosen according to the most important criteria in a folding knife for survival and self-defense namely: ease of use, the weight of the knife, the quality of the blade steel, the quality of the blade edge, the material used for the handle and the size of the knife.

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Benchmade 551 Griptillian Pardue Design Knife Review

Benchmade 551 Griptillian Pardue Design Knife is a full-sized cutting tool that is available at an attractive price. What is unique about this thumb knife is that it has an excellent grip in the hand although sometimes it can get a bit messy to hold his knife especially when wearing gloves. The Griptilian knife comes with a blade that is 3.45” long, thickness is 0.115” and the material used in this knife is stainless steel. It is relatively lighter compared to other knives and its valox handle provides users with a solid grip on the knife. The relatively lighter weight of this knife makes it a perfect companion to carry anywhere in a bag or pocket. The one interesting thing about this knife is that when it is open, the balance shifts just a fraction behind the lock slide axis.The built-quality of this knife is fabulous and it has excellent durability.

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Top 5 of the Most Expensive Pocket Knives

A pocket knife is not just a tool for cutting and slicing, but it is also a weapon that could inflict pain and damage. You can conceal a pocket knife in your purse, bag or pocket and take it out to ward off an attacker and to use it if necessary.

But apart from all these important reasons to own a pocket knife, some people also collect them. Wealthy collectors may collect valuable and expensive pocket knives out of curiosity and for fun. If you are planning to take up an expensive hobby then check out the top 5 most expensive pocket knives:

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Best Pocket Knives Made in USA

US made tools have gotten an impression of durability. This has made people seek US made brands especially when it comes to tools. But aside from the given fact that the tools made in US like pocket knives have impressive durability and standards, there are ones that really steps out from the pool and excels. So if you are looking for pocket knives for all your emergency cutting and slicing needs, here are the best pocket knives made in the USA.

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What is the Best Knife Sharpener for a Folding Knife?

In more ways than one, you need a knife sharpener to keep your folding knife in tip top shape. The blade of your knife needs to be at its best so that you will be able to use your knife in the event of an emergency.

Keeping a sharp knife applies to all kinds of knife – whether you are using a kitchen knife, a tactical knife or an all-around multi-purpose knife. For folding knives, you need to find the ideal knife sharpener so you can keep this kind of knife in optimum shape. So what is the best knife sharpener for a folding knife? There are so many kinds of sharpeners in the market but how do you know that you are buying the most suitable one?

There are manual knife sharpeners, manual sharpeners, manual pull through sharpeners and electric knife sharpeners. You should consider the advantages and the disadvantages of each so you will be able to keep your folding knife in the best possible shape.

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Zero Tolerance G10 Handle Review

Zero Tolerance G10

Zero Tolerance is known for straightforward pocket knives that work best all the time. There are no unnecessary parts and frills just a simple blade and handle assembly that work best when you want it to be. The G10 is a pocket knife that does more than cutting and splicing. It has features and advantages that you may be looking for in a practical pocket knife. This is a Zero Tolerance G10 handle review that may help you decide on which knife you may need to buy.

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556 Benchmade Mini-Griptilian Plain Edge Review

556-benchmadeBenchmade knives are a tradition and their pocket knife category is one of their finest products. One of these is the Mini-Griptilian Plain Edge knife which is a pocket knife that is simple, easy to use and efficient to use. The secret to the Mini-Griptilian’s popularity as a pocket knife, outdoor tool and all-around knife are its features. This is a Benchmade Mini-Griptilian Plain Edge review to help consumers find out more about this simple yet efficient pocket knife. Look more details on video below:

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Looking for German pocket knife?

If you are looking for a German pocket knife, you should go through the information in a very careful way. If you are well aware of the pocket knife terminology, it is possible to select the best knife for your needs. The terms used to specify a pocket knife include back, belly, blade, bolster, bolster lining, bone handle, carbon, edge, handle, lock, point and spine. There are a number of other terms as well. You should check the durability and price. The best German pocket knife that you select should fulfill your needs in an effortless manner.

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How to close a pocket knife?

The pocket knife should be opened and closed in an appropriate way so that you will not get injured. When you close a folding knife, you should hold the blade and the handle should be closed. The closing should be done in a very careful way. The knife size will be small and the handle will be big. There is the probability that the knife moves away from the handle. If you hold the body in a firm way, the blade can be closed in an efficient manner.

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