Hunting Knives that Stay Sharp

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One of the many features you will be looking for in a hunting knife, is the amount of time that it will stay sharp. There is nothing more disappointing then buying a blade and having to sharpen what seems like every week because the blade has gone dull. No, you want a knife that is going to last you and keep an edge for some time, so you are not wasting your time and money sharpening the bloody thing. In order to keep your blade sharp, a lot of professionals will prefer to use fine diamond steel instead of an electric sharpener, as sometimes the inexperienced sharpener will actually wreck their blade.

If you are looking for Hunting Knives that will stay sharp for long periods of time then you should really check out the Buck 194 Alpha Hunter fixed blade knife. This bad boy keeps an edge like no other and has many positive reviews around the web. It looks and feels great and will only need to be sharpened, once or maybe twice a season, depending on how you use it and your level of care. You can seem to almost effortlessly slice through meat and bone (comes with a serrated edge on the spine) with this knife and as it is a fixed blade knife without joint, you can place a fair bit of pressure on it without it breaking.

Another great hunting knife that will stay sharp is the Fallkniven H1z Hunting knife. This beautiful piece of art is made out of top quality VG10 Steel and will always be sharp after extreme amounts of use. It doesn’t come that razor sharp out of the box so you may need to give it a little touch up prior to use, but once you have, you will find that it stays sharp for what seems likes years. However, this blade is priced slightly high at roughly around $150. However, you are paying for quality with this one and I definitely recommend it.

So there you go, two brilliant hunting knives that stay sharp. If you have any more suggestions enter them in the comments below, I would love to hear them.

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