Browning 529 Knife Review

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  • Hardwood handle finish
  • Dedicated finger grooves

If you want a hunting knife that all your friends are going to be jealous of, then you need to get yourself the Browning 529 or as it is also commonly referred to as, the Cocobolo (I love saying that, it just rolls off your tongue). The firs thing you will notice about this blade is the beautiful hardwood handle which just screams beauty. This knife will definitely be welcomed to your knife collection I am sure as it is a robust knife that will is great for all your hunting needs.

Overall Length 8.75″
Blade Length 3.75″
Blade Steel 12C27
Best for Hunting
Score 7/10

The knife is relatively cheap for the quality it puts forward, coming in at around $65 (currently $35 on Amazon). I would definitely recommend this knife to someone who not only wants a solid hunting knife but is also looking for one which looks great and they can show off. Furthermore, if you are a knife collector then this a must have addition to your collection, no doubt about it.


The Browning 529 features a drop point style blade. This blade has a really wide edge making it perfect for skinning and field dressing. I really found it to be useful for this purpose which is really nice as a lot of other blades out there are advertised to be “hunting knives” but are really just terrible when it comes to these chores.

Browning 529

The blade is made out of high-quality 12C27 steel which I will admit, doesn’t have the sharpen-ability of the 440 metal series, however, it has a much better edge retention which I feel is more important in some cases. However, that is not to say that this blade can’t get sharp because that would be wrong. The 529 can still get incredibly sharp however and makes quick work of skinning and field dressing duties.


Now the Browning 529 obviously has an amazing handle. The beautiful hardwood finish will make it the envy of all your friends and the aluminum butt caps really top it off. In terms of grip, this knife is great. It has dedicated finger grooves which allow for a solid and tight grip which makes it perfect for precise skinning and field dressing. You don’t want a blade where you slip all the place as you are just going to make a mess of the job.


My only complaint would be that since it is polished hardwood, I found that when wet or covered in blood the handle wasn’t as grippy so that is something to think about before you go out and make your purchase.


Overall, the Browning 529 is an excellent hunting knife and one of the better ones currently out there. Just looking at it makes you fall in love with it and as it is a Browning, you know that it is going to be top quality. However, I recommend that you go and get a feel for it at your local knife store before making your purchase, just to make sure that it is right for you.


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