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CRKT make some of my favorite folding knives out there at the moment due to the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each and every one of their blades. I am not the only one who is a fan of these strong and robust blades – have a look around the internet and I am sure you will find heaps of positive reviews, raving about the high quality you find in a CRKT folder. But due to their wide and diverse range of options, which is the best CRKT folding knife? Well, I am hear to answer that question and have listed my favorite top two CRKT folders below.

CRKT M21 G10 Folder

The first folder I want to show off is the M21 G10. This incredible blade is designed by the one and only Kit Carson and thank god – because he did an amazing job. This knife is essentially a handmade knife with the amount of quality it possess. The blade is made out of high quality 8Cr14MoV steel with a titanium nitride finish which not only allows it be razor sharp, but also ensures that it is protected against rust and corrosion. This is one hell of a heavy duty work knife with a longer 3.875″ length blade allowing it to handle some of the toughest tasks thrown its way.

CRKT M21 G10 Folder

As the name suggests, the M21 features a robust and very comfortable G10 handle. This is great as it allows you to properly get a good grip on the blade without the risk of you slipping and cutting your self, or leaving you with an aching hand. The amount of grip you get on this bad boy is unparalleled and incredibly lightweight meaning this knife is not going to weigh down you pocket like some of the less superior ones out there on the market.

You can pick this knife up for around $40-$50 online.

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CRKT Liong Mah Design #5

One of CRKT’s newer models is the Liong Mah #5. This short but very to the point blade (pun intended) was designed by the famous Liong Mah. The knife features Mah’s deep, hollow ground blade style which gives the user a razor sharp cutting edge, yet sharp piercing point making this blade really good for delicate jobs. The blade is small coming in at only 2.77 inches long and features a partially serrated edge which I am a huge fan of. This is because it allows you to not only perform slicing tasks, but also allows you to easily chop and cut through thicker materials, making this one hell of an every day carry knife.

You can pick this knife up for around $30-$35 online.

CRKT Liong Mah Design 6


Overall, CRKT are an extremely top quality knife manufacture. My two favorite CRKT folders, the M21 and the new Liong Mah are both good in their different ways however if I had to choose I would go with the M21. This is because I am a fan of the size and have found it to keep a razor sharp edge just a bit better then the Mah. That is not to say the Mah is bad, because it really isn’t and in my opinion for the price of $40 is one of the best edc knives out there!

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