Best EDC Folding Knife

An EDC (every day carry) knife can be an extremely useful piece of equipment to have on you. You never know when you are going to be in a situation for when you are going to need such a knife, but when you are you are damn thankful you have one.

Kershaw Junk Yard Dog Folded

An everyday carry folding knife can be used in a variety of situations from cutting boxes, to preparing food to even being used in a survival situation. Their uses are really endless, but so is a number of products out there on the market. This can make your choice extremely overwhelming when deciding on what the best one for you is, which is why I made this post. Here I attempt to not only go through the basic features you need to look for when looking at getting an everyday carry knife, but also list a few top quality models which I highly recommend for you to get.

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3 Good Options for Best Folding Knife and Fixed Blade Knife

If you are in the market for the best folding knife or fixed blade knife then you have come to the right place. As they say, good shoes will take you to good places; but so will a good knife. The best knife will provide you with security, ease of use and most of all peace of mind. There is a huge difference between choosing the best folding knife for a civilian and a knife for a soldier. Initially determining your purpose for purchasing a folding knife will lead you to find a suitable one.

So what are the best folding knives and fixed ones then? Here are 3 good options for the best folding knife and fixed blade knives for you. These knives have been chosen according to the most important criteria in a folding knife for survival and self-defense namely: ease of use, the weight of the knife, the quality of the blade steel, the quality of the blade edge, the material used for the handle and the size of the knife.

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Kershaw Speed Bump Review

Kershaw is a household name when it comes to exceptional knives. With a solid dedication to quality and functionality, Kershaw Knives has established a global reputation for performance and innovation in tools and knives. From cutting-edge manufacturing practices to superior materials, both regular buyers and knife enthusiasts rely on Kershaw for designs that deliver “”technology with an edge”. Their ground-breaking approach to product development has filled the market and delighted consumers with over 10,000 world-class products.

Overall Length 4 15/16″
Blade Length 3 5/8″
Blade Steel 8CR13MOV stainless steel
Best for Every Day Carry
Score 9/10

One of their most popular and exciting designs is the Speed Bump. It is a stylish folding knife that features an ingenious recurved blade with a unique look and high-performance function that makes even the most avid knife enthusiasts thrilled to the bone.


The Kershaw Speed Bump highlights a 3 5/8 inch re-curved blade made of high-grade S30V stainless-steel. The innovative blade design offers “ideal leverage in tough cutting situations and a precisely centered point to handle piercing tasks” as Kershaw states it. It has a relatively strong tip and has a defined bump on the edge in the middle. This re-curving portion is not only for style but provides users with exceptional cutting performance. It gives the Speed Bump better cutting leverage and strength than most regular pocket knives and since the steel is also thinner in its cutting edge, it cuts like your using a skinning blade.

Kershaw Speed Bump Blade_

The first thing that you will notice after taking it out of the box is that it is extremely sharp. A lot of knives require some little “tuning up” coming from the package but not this one. It may even come to a point that it will feel sharp enough to dig splinters out. And since the tip is lower than a usual regular clip point styled blade or hunter knife, you have more control when doing precise, measured cuts. This also provides the blade with solid movement in situations where the tip will be used for light prying.


The handle of the Speed Bump is just as gracefully curved as the blade itself and it is amazingly comfortable to the grip no matter how you hold it. It is also designed to suit optimum grip not just in dry conditions but in humid and wet conditions as well thanks to rubber inserts on the two sides of the handle. Combine it with lightweight and durable features, and you get a high-performance knife with optimum gripping design.

Kershaw Speed Bump Handle

It also features one of the most advanced locking mechanisms in the industry called the Stud Lock. The locking mechanism allows very convenient and reliable deployment of the knife. It works best both for safety and extreme accessibility purposes giving the knife an even unique edge of its own. This is one of the reasons why the Bump series have become so popular for Kershaw.


The Kershaw Speed Bump is truly an exceptional knife with an excellent mix of ergonomic design and cutting-edge features. The product makes for an amazing pocket knife and is definitely one of the hallmark designs of Kershaw . If you want a versatile and functional blade that can perform a myriad of chores and excel in superior cutting utility, then I recommend you consider  picking up this knife.


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Gerber Contrast Knife Review

The Gerber Contrast Knife is the epitome of style, functionality, and quality in your everyday carry knife. Its dual G-10 stainless steel design is a true work of art and innovation, combining eye-catching appearance and high-quality performance. The versatile knife comes in at just over three ounces highlighted with a three-inch blade – making it exceptionally lightweight and durable providing an unbelievably comfortable and dexterous feel to the grip!

It features an Assisted Opening 2.0 mechanism that permits fast and instant one-handed deployment for both hands. A sturdy, detachable pocket clip and lanyard connection point, meanwhile, guarantees that the Contrast can be used with great ease and accessibility when needed.

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Benchmade 581 Barrage Review

People see the price tag of the 581 and go running. Why the hell would you pay that much money for a folding knife? How do you know that you are getting your money worth and not just some cheap quality knife with a high price tag? How do you even know if it is worth the money?

You will know all the answers to these questions as soon as you hold this knife in your hands. The Benchmade 581 Barrage is a top quality knife and although expensive, definitely lives up to its price tag.

Overall Length 8.35″
Blade Length 3.60″
Blade Steel M390 Super Steel
Best for Every Day Carry
Score 9/10

As soon as you hold this bad boy you know that it is top quality. You can feel the beautiful finish and the stunning design and you just know that this is a top quality knife. Now I am a huge fan of my Kershaw Junk Yard II, however, I was highly considering swapping it out and using this one for my every day carry.

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Kershaw RJII Review

The Kershaw RJ II is designed by the infamous RJ Martin. The blade features a unique design (which I will go into more detail about shortly). This is a really nice every day carry and whilst not being my favorite Kershaw out there on the market it is still one hell of a knife. However, this is just my opinion and if you read around on other sites you will find how extremely popular this knife is! People love not only its unique design but the lasting quality which ensures that you are definitely going to get your money worth with this knife.

Overall Length 8.125″
Blade Length 3.50″
Blade Steel 8Cr13MoV
Best for Every Day Carry
Score 8/10

The design and usability of this knife make it the perfect every day carry. You will quickly realize that there is no job too big or too small that this knife can’t handle. However, the knife is also big enough to be used as a defensive weapon if the situation ever arises where you need to do so. Although just pulling out the blade will probably see your attacker running away in fear. The Knife is priced at around $22 and I would definitely recommend for someone who is looking for a tanto styled EDC.


Like I said before, the blade on the Kershaw RJ II is quite unique. The blade is sort of a cross between a tanto and a drop-point, featuring a tanto styled point (that is even stronger than most tantos out there as Kershaw makes the tip thicker and gives it a tough flat grind) as well as a bit of a belly which allows you to still perform slicing tasks.

Kershaw RJII

The steel is made out of high-quality 8Cr13MoV which is more common amongst the lower end every day carry knives but can still get a super sharp edge. The knife also has surprisingly good edge retention and is also fairly easy to sharpen (despite the blades shape).


The Kershaw RJ 1 features a lovely ergonomic handle that provides excellent grip whilst at the same time providing supreme comfort. The shape of the G-10 handle bends to the shape of your hand which allows you to get a really nice hold and allows it to be more maneuverable than others on the market.

The finger flipper on this bad boy is also quite useful and allows you to easily open the knife with one hand. Furthermore, it also acts a finger guard when opened, ensuring that your hand won’t slip and slice you with the blade.


Overall, the Kershaw RJ II is a surprisingly good every day carry knife and is perfect for someone who is looking for a knife with a bit more piercing power than you would traditionally find in a drop point style blade. As always, though, I recommend that you first go and check it out at your local knife shop and ask to hold it (if it’s behind glass) so that you can ensure that it is the right knife for you.


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Gerber Ridge Knife Review

The Gerber Ridge is one hell of a lightweight everyday carry knife. This tiny little beast is not only incredibly small but also packs a real punch. This knife really brings new meaning to the word pocket knife due to its tiny closed length of 3″! That is the size of most EDC blades. This is one brilliant knife that can easily be clipped to your pocket, or added to a lanyard and you are not going to notice it there at all.

Overall Length 4.87″
Blade Length 1.98″
Blade Steel 440a HC
Best for Every Day Carry
Score 8/10

Gerber Ridge

One thing you will notice however is that when you first look at it closer you will see that the blade is actually exposed and not inserted into the handle. This not only looks nifty but also makes the blade damn easy to open as you can just slide your finger/thumb over it. Don’t worry though it features a little “ridge” which prevents you from cutting yourself when using. This little blade is perfect for someone who doesn’t want a large blade that will weigh them down and really only needs a blade for smaller more delicate tasks such as small rope cutting and box opening.

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SOG Twitch Review

The SOG twitch looks like one top quality knife. It’s stylish all metal look gives it that elegant feel that will have all your colleagues going green with envy. As SOG describe it “it reminds us of the workings in a fine chronograph watch; everything right and precisely in its place.” This knife also features patent pending pass-through lockbar which is a new way to keep the blade in place upon opening.

Overall Length 4..75″
Blade Length 2.00″
Blade Steel AUS-8
Best for Every Day Carry
Score 7/10

SOG Twitch ReleaseAs this knife features S.A.T (SOG Assisted technology) it means that this knife is, you guessed it, an assisted opening knife. This allows it to be opened easily with one hand and makes it a really useful everyday carry. Price wise, the knife is fairly priced coming in at around $40, but I am sure if you shop around you will be able to get it far cheaper. I recommend you grab this knife if you are looking for a top quality every day carry that is not going to break the bank, yet still provide you with a high level of quality.

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The Spyderco Endura

1990 Was the year that Spyderco first introduced the Endura and the Delica which were the first of their kind on the market. These were not only top quality knives that could be opened one handed, but were also really affordable for the everyday consumer. These two blades are one of Spyderco’s best-selling knives and thanks to Spyderco’s C.Q.I (constant quality improvement) philosophy they are constantly getting better. But this post here is going to solely focus on the Endura (I will also review the Delica shortly).

Overall Length 8.75″
Blade Length 3.75″
Blade Steel VG-10
Best for Every Day Carry
Score 8/10


  • Made using the highest quality materials
  • Tested for quality and durability
  • The most trusted name in you cutlery needs
  • 4-way Clip. Screw-together construction.
  • Skeletonized steel internal liners. Phosphor bronze washers.
  • FRN Bi-Directional Textured® handle.
  • David Boye Dent. Enlarged opening hole.
  • Spine jimping. Full flat-ground blade.

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Take a trip into the future with the Kershaw Dimension

If you want to have one of the coolest looking folding knives on the block then you need to get yourself one of Kershaw’s newer models, the Dimension. Everyone will be green with envy when you pull out this futuristic looking knife and go to work with it. However, looks aren’t everything and luckily the dimension is not just good looks. This knife is an absolute workhorse and will knock over any job you put in front of it with ease. This is a top quality blade and a great every day carry knife. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a top quality knife which is going to last them a lifetime.

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