Three North Dakota Trails You Must Know About

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Hikers are always searching for new trails as uncharted terrain presents a novel challenge.  If you’re a hiker in North Dakota, here are three trails you can try treading your hiking boots on.

Ackenbach Trail – Located in Southwest North Dakota

Ackenbach TrailThis trail is recommended for hikers who prefer scenic routes. As you tread the path, you get to see the famous Ox-Box. In addition, the terrain is rugged and steep and goes along the Little Missouri River. The river provides thirsty hikers a refreshing water break.

The geology of the trail itself is a mini-zoo with antelopes, buffalos and the occasional rattlesnake. It is definitely a natural feast for the discerning hiker’s eye.

When you finish this route, you will end up west of Lake Sakakawea and north of Medora. The trail is a 100 miles long.

Maah Daah Hey – Located in West North Dakota

Maah Daah Hey
Maah Daah Hey

The Maah Daah Hey is non-motorized and it does not have potable water. Therefore, it is best that you have a guide when trekking this trail. If hikers want a challenge that they will definitely remember, this is the trail for them!

If you want to reach Maah Daah Hey, take I-94 until you reach Medora. Then take East River road 2.5 miles to the Creek campgrounds. You will know the starting point because of the wooden post at the beginning of the trail.

Lower Paddock – West North Dakota

Lower Paddock

The Lower Paddock is just one of the many trail loops that are located in the park. Hikers can take this path from east to south. It is flat, especially near the path where the Paddock Creek flows. The creek makes the walk harder due to the terrain, but it’s worth it with its scenic views.

Elks, bison and horses can be found here, which creates a wonderful experience.

To reach the Lower Paddock, take Interstate I94 to Medora. The park entrance is in town.

These are just three hiking trails that are located in North Dakota. However, there are many more great trails for the North Dakota hiker to discover – so if you are an avid hiker, check out North Dakota!

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2 comments on “Three North Dakota Trails You Must Know About

  1. Outside of Alaska, I bet North Dakota has some of the least traveled trails in the United States. When you visit North Dakota to travel, you know you’ll have a peaceful trip.

  2. I totally agree about North Dakota having some great trails. My personal favorite is the Caprock Coulee Trail in the north unit of Theodore Roosevelt Nat’l park – great views, intricate and varied trail. You can read about it here if you’d like…

    Thanks for the writeup – I think I’ll try the Maah Daah Hey next spring when the snow is gone…

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