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Hiking just about anywhere in the UK makes for a great activity, but Devon and Cornwall are the best places in the whole country to explore by foot. Camping in Devon and Cornwall while hiking can be tremendous fun, and there are many different places to go wander, whether it’s along the coastline, through quaint market towns and villages or in the heart of Dartmoor National Park. Here are some of the best places to go hiking:


Daymark image courtesy of Lawrie Cate via Flickr creative commons

This Cornish fishing village is home to a number of gastronomic delights courtesy of its pubs, cafes and restaurants, but it’s also the starting point of a magnificent eight mile-long walk. Starting at the harbour, your route takes you through places such as Gun Point and Trevone, as well as Daymark Tower, a lighthouse built in the 1500’s to look out for the Spanish Armada.

You’re rewarded with unspoilt views from the Cornish Coast. There are camping sites aplenty round here, all within a short walking distance of Padstow.

St. Ives

Situated near Land’s End, the westernmost point of England, it’s one of the best places to camp and hike. Facilities such as shops and cafes are available in the village, as well as on Land’s End itself. This part of the county is ideal for hiking throughout all seasons, and is perfect for beginners. Views of Land’s End, as well as the Irish Sea take the breath away, and despite the 24-mile distance, it’s a pleasant stroll which won’t tire you out.

Dartmoor and Exmoor

Dartmoor image courtesy of TJ Morris via Flickr creative commons
Dartmoor image courtesy of TJ Morris via Flickr creative commons

Devon is one of very few counties that have two national parks within its boundaries. Both Dartmoor and Exmoor have plenty of challenging walking routes which hikers can enjoy. Dartmoor is the larger of the two, and is blessed with wild moorland and high granite tors. Among other things, Exmoor has spectacular views of the cliffs which meet the sea on the Bristol Channel. The Two Moors Way is a must for hikers who want to explore both parks.

Banner Image: St. Ives hiking image courtesy of Boobooo via Flickr creative commons

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