5 Things to Consider When Hiking with Kids

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Now that summer is in full force, many of you hiking enthusiasts have brushed the cobwebs from your gear and hit the outdoors.  For those with families, preparing for trips can be difficult and requires a lot of brainstorming – not just where to go, but also what to bring.  From prepping your gear to preparing for the weather, planning a trip can be time consuming and frustrating.  Who knows, maybe your wagon looks like the Griswold’s!

In order to keep your kids healthy and happy in the elements, they’ll need appropriate gear and clothing for trips spent in the outdoors.  Here are 5 things to consider when hiking with kids:

  1. How are you protecting your kids from the sun?  Consider buying clothing  with built-in sunscreen that lasts far longer than regular sunscreen.
  2. It’s a probable your kids have grown since last summer.  Don’t clear your  calendar and pack your car only to discover your kids’ hiking shoes are worn out or  don’t fit anymore.  Comfort is key!
  3. It’s time to spoil yourself.  Don’t let a scenic hike become dreadful and exhausting with a heavy child carrier.  There are many baby carriers that are  both comfortable and ecofriendly.
  4. For trips that require families to pack food, bring insulated, water-resistant  fabric lunch sacks.  Along with spill-proof water bottles, these are designed to  handle the wear and tear of hiking and keep both trails and shirts clean.
  5. Engage your kids with interactive hiking tool kits.  Designed to get them – and  keep them – excited throughout your hike, this is a great way to avoid hearing  the dreadful question: “are we there yet?”

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