Helpful Camping Tips

Here are a few tips that can make your camping trip more enjoyable.

  1. Keep your campsite clean – Before you set up your tent, camping chairs, and cooking area, take a plastic garbage bag (the kind with cinch straps) and pick up any trash left by the previous campers. Starting off with a clean campsite will make it easier to keep it clean while you’re there. Once you have everything picked up, hang the bag by the straps from a tree branch and let everyone know that this is where any wrappers or trash goes. When you’re done camping and are leaving your site, be kind enough to pick up any trash your party might have left and put in the bag.
  2. Bring a tablecloth – You never know what was on your picnic table before you got there, so a good way to protect you and your family is to cover the table with a cheap plastic tablecloth. After all, you’ll be preparing and eating most of your meals on that table, so don’t take any chances. It’s also a good idea to bring some tablecloth clips to hold it down in case a breeze comes along.
  3. Flip flops or sandals – When you go for a hike, you’ll want a good pair of hiking boots or shoes. But when you’re just hanging out at the campsite, it’s handy to have a cheap pair of flip flops or sandals. When you enter your tent, you just slip them off and this really cuts down on bringing dirt and dust into your tent. Sure, your feet might get a little dusty, but they’ll get dirty even with boots on. Plus, that’s why you brought a wash cloth anyway, right!
  4. Try your new equipment before your trip – If you just bought a new tent, camp stove, or camp chair, it’s a good idea to take them out of the box and make sure they work like they’re supposed to before you get to your campsite. You won’t know if you got a faulty product or not unless you try it out. Sometimes things are broken or missing parts, and you don’t want to discover this when you’re out in the boonies!
  5. Plan ahead on your spices – When you plan your meals for camping, get out the recipes you want to use that use spices. Measure all the spices for that recipe and put them all into a ziploc bag and label it. When it’s time to make that meal, you don’t have to measure anything out, plus you don’t have to take all your spices with you.
  6. Freeze an empty milk carton – Since block ice lasts longer in your cooler, but crushed ice keeps things colder because it surrounds your food, you can use both! Try freezing an empty milk carton, because it serves two purposes, it is “block” ice and when it melts you will have nice cold drinking water.

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