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If you are a fishing enthusiast, you will agree that the best place to fish is right in the middle of the lake where the fish is aplenty and the rhythmic movement of the boat on still water is a perfect way to calm down. A fishing boat however is expensive investment and even hiring boat for a day turns out to be expensive in the longer run. This is where inflatable boats come in. They are fast becoming popular and are a good alternative to regular boats. To start with, inflatable boats will cut the cost of your boat by several thousand dollars. Not only are these affordable, but they are also light and do not require heavy engine to run on. As a result, you do not need to buy expensive heavy engines and also save money on fuel. The inflatable boats are classified according to certain criteria and you must know a little bit about the requirements to be able to select the best boat.

Zodiac Inflatable Boat

Design of the Boat

To start with, check the hull design of the boat, whether it is a foldable inflatable or a rigid inflatable boat. The floor or bottom of the boat could be rigid bottom made of fiberglass or aluminum. Also check for air deck, slatted deck and floorboards. Depending upon the nature of your requirement, you can choose from sports boat, luxury boats, working boats, tenders or dinghies.

Boat Size

The size of the boat is directly connected to MAX engine power and MAX passengers and carrying capacity. The size of the boat should be chosen keeping these factors in mind.

Light Weight yet Impressive Carrying Capacity

These inflatable boats are easily portable and you don’t need big storage space or spend extra on transportation to carry them from one place to another. Inflatable boats can be deflated and put in the truck of your car or just about any storage space convenient to you. Re- inflating them is also easy because of the air pumps that come with them. Even though they are very light, their carrying capacity is impressive. These can hold multiple people and everything else you need for a day of fun in the water, including your  gear.

inflatable motorboat

Low Centre of Gravity and Quality of the Buoyancy Tubes

The boats have buoyancy tubes on the outside that make them very stable in sea conditions. They should have a low center of gravity so that they are impossible to flip over. The two tubes need to be separated from one another which keeps the boat afloat even in situations where one tube is pierced.

Flexibility to Attach Outbound Motors

Further, these boats are very versatile and you can take it to a lake, canal or ocean with ease. Outboard motors can be fixed to an inflatable boat to give it speed and make it easier to run. There are 2 kinds of outboard motors used; either two stroke engines or four stroke engines outboard motors.

If you will use the boat for skiing or other water sport activity, make sure that outboard motors have a power of 25HP at least.

Inflatable boats are a very good alternative and if you buy them after a careful consideration of your requirements, they will last long and give you a good value for money. You can find more detailed benefits here.

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