Rubbermaid Wader Tote

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Rubbermaid containers have many uses, both around the house and in the field. Here is a useful tip to keep your waders and boots in check.


When I go fishing I always take along my trusty “wader tote” – a Rubbermaid container with a loop of cord on each end and a short bungee connecting the two pieces of cord. (pic #1 and #4)The tote keeps gear and moisture contained if you’re rocking the SUV, while the bungee keeps the lid down for travel in truck beds. The night before, I pack the tote with waders, boots and anything else needed for the trip. I personally like to keep a hatchet, jetboil, first aid kit and emergency blanket in my tote at all times, just to be prepared. (pic #2)


The early morning alarm goes off and you’re groggy and forgetful, only 3 things are needed: coffee, rods, and wader tote. Once you’re at the river take the tote out, remove the lid, and simply turn it over creating a dry surface to stand on while putting on your waders. You can also bring the tote along in the driftboat for extra, dry storage.(pic#3)

After your epic day of fishing, throw your boots and waders back in the tote, secure the lid with the bungee cord and head home. Always remember to remove your waders and boots and allow them to dry completely, inside and out. By doing so, you reduce the chance of mold and mildew and increase the life of your waders.


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