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Fishing Kit BasicsA fishing license is necessary to be an amateur fisherman. So make sure that you have it ready. Once you have it, you can delve deeper into the technicalities of fishing. The most important thing is to know what the line type is, and matching the right rod and reel to the fishing technique. This is all just basic common sense. When these tools are matched appropriately, you can expect a more enjoyable experience and you can be more comfortable in fishing.

Even the most experienced of fishermen still encounter problems every now and then. There are several reasons why the reel might turn into a  bird’s nest but you don’t have to really worry about this.

As mentioned, all you have to do is match the rod, the reel, the line and the lure. You need about $25-$50 to buy these equipments and they will last you for years.

The three most important things when buying a rod are:

1. Guides that are attached to the rod
2. The Grip or Handle holds the rod and they come in two types; the Cork or Foam.You need to consider what is comfortable for you because they come in different lengths.
3. You should also consider the reel seat where the reel is connected.

These fishing rods could also be assembled. They could be bought from dealers who sell it single or sometimes they sell 2 or more parts so that you can assemble it yourself. If you opt to assemble it yourself, you can just follow this simple procedure: just connect the female and male ends together just to be sure the guides are on the same line. This will take you a few minutes to do. Sometimes, you need lubricants so it would slide easily. When buying a rod, test it. Bend it slightly just to get the feel of it.Any type of rod will do. The specifications should be 6 inches long  and of medium weight.  You can also use a long stick provided that it is straight and flexible so that it will not break easily. Graphite is the most popular rod  because of its lightness and strength. Wispy rods should be up to 4 meters long which can be used for long casts during moderate winds.

There are so many fishing lines to choose from and and sometimes you will have to experiment and use some of them at a time to see which one works best for you and gives you the most comfort. Fishing lines are mostly made of nylon and “monofilament”. They also come in spool of different lengths which are called tests. The larger the fishing line that you have , the thicker it is in diameter.

You also will need to find a 4lb test that is 10 inches long to form the basic rig. Keep in mind that the rule is to have al your gears matched.

You also need a few other things to complete your fishing gear: fishing hat, sunglasses, fishing knife, a pail of bait, first aid box, line clippers, net , stringer and the most important of all, your food!

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