Gear Review: Simms Slick Jacket

Slick JacketThis fall Simms released the Slick Jacket – the newest, most advanced rain jacket in fishing outerwear. I was lucky enough to test one this summer at Alaska West and here is the low-down on what I found:

The Slick jacket is constructed with Gore-tex Pro shell blended with elastic, creating a jacket that is waterproof AND has extreme mobile. It is also designed with “pass-thru” technology, meaning you can unzip you hand warmer pockets and reach into your wader storage without unzipping your jacket and getting soaked. There are also no bulges on the front of the jacket to catch your fly line while you swing and step your favorite run or bomb BWOs on your favorite winter trout stream.

Jacket for the minimalist: With two large chest pockets that can hold up to 6 fly boxes, a sunglass pocket with cleaning cloth, and loops for your nippers you can pack everything you need into this jacket. Couple those monster pockets with YKK VT9 AquaGuard VISLON waterproof zippers and you are sure to keep your gear dry, even on the deepest of wades. My favorite feature of this jacket are the “pass-thru” pockets, which allows access into your waders without getting soaked – something you might not think about until you’re standing in a downpour and all you need is access to your wader pouch. This jacket also has the classic neoprene draw-cuff just like the classic guide jacket. These cuffs truly keep your arms dry, yet are comfortable to wear for days on end.  The hood on the jacket will keep out Bering Sea squalls and the double cuff drawstrings keep the wind out on those long up-river boat rides.

Overall this jacket was “Slick” in many regards, and was my first choice day in and day out. Even when those crazy wet storms came through, I just flipped up the hood and escaped to my rain shelter. Simms looked at this jacket from every angle with one thing in mind, to keep you dry! I was never unpleased with this jacket, but don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. At $499, The Simms Slick Jacket is a bomb-proof garment with the serious angler in mind. Think Arcteryx mountaineering/backcountry ski jacket built for angling.

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