6 ways to better manage your tube flies

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Tube flies are a bit of a different animal when it comes to rigging and organizing. Try these six tips for keeping your tubes in order and ready to go.

Use a compartment box

Find a clear plastic compartment boxes — a narrow one like the Tuff Tainer for your tube flies and rigging. They’re cheap, you can see what’s inside, and they hold more than just flies.dsc_1143-e1389983622139

Save a cork – everyone loves a good Oregon Pinot

When you’re done enjoying a bottle of wine, keep the cork. Stick your hooks in it and keep it in the compartment box. The cork holds the hooks from falling around and helps the points stay sharp.dsc_1135-e1389983768374

Simplify your hooks

Speaking of hooks, settle on one that you like for simplicity. We’re fans of the Owner SSW, Gamakatsu B10S & Octopus, and Matzuo Sickle hooks.

Rig up removable weight (more info to follow)

Tying unweighted flies and adding weight on the water gives you the most flexibility. Bullet-style worm weights are great for sliding on your leader ahead of tubes when you need to go HEAVY. But we carry tungsten beads in 7/32 and 3/16 sizes, too. Their lighter weight and smaller size work better in most situations. Mount them on HMH micro tubing, with ends melted so they slide easily, and stow all this in your compartment box. If you choose not to add the liner tube, watch out, they’ll fray and weaken your leader. No one wants to loose the one fish for the day because of their gear.

Add some junction tubing

Toss some extra junction tubing in your box. You’re bound to lose the pieces on your flies and without it, your hooks will sag. Nobody wants that.

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