5 things to not forget while travelling to fish

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Here is a list of things to bring on your next fishing trip that will keep you comfortable and focused on fishing.

  • Sunglasses:  #1 safety tool when fly fishing. Hooks and eyeballs don’t mix well. Plus you will be able to see the fish and their hiding spots easier.
  • Sunscreen: Even if it is not supposed to be sunny, protecting your skin from that powerful star we call the Sun is very important. Blistered hands and crispy ears will make an otherwise comfortable trip quite uncomfortable.
  • Beanie/Stocking Cap: Mornings on the river can be cold.. Bring a beanie with you and stay warm, comfortable, and focused on fishing.
  • Shoelaces: Finding laces for your boots in a foreign land or the Alaskan bush can be difficult if not impossible. So do yourself a favor: grab an extra pair or two of laces before departing for your next trip. Nothing worse than breaking a shoelace on day 1 of your fishing trip.
  • Water bottle: Staying hydrated is the key to staying healthy, energized, and alert on fishing trips. Windy, cool, wet conditions dehydrate you more than you would think. Bring a water bottle and keep it full.

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