How to Choose the Best Fishing Line

img_0222We all want the best chances for success on the water. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate guide to finding the best fishing line! We are fellow fishermen who have created a comprehensive resource to help you determine what is the best fishing line for your situation. We’ve based this on both our personal experience and on research we’ve done over the years.

Fishing line is arguably the most important piece of equipment when it comes to success on the water. It’s what’s connecting you to the fish. That’s why it’s important to take some time and research what line you need before you go out and buy something. As with most things in fishing, the right equipment depends on the circumstances: What are you fishing for? Where are you fishing? How will you be fishing? These are just some of the questions that will determine what is the best fishing line for you.

Here is some general information about the different types of fishing line and which lines we would recommend.

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The Ultimate Fishing Guide for Beginners

Lake RotoruaThere’s a lot more to the intricacies of fishing than this once you become ‘hooked’ on this enthralling pastime, but basically, if you can sit on the side of the water and hold a fishing pole, you can fish. It’s a hobby in which pretty much all the family from young children to senior citizens can become involved and love it!

Fishing leaves you at peace with yourself, but you can also have a lot of fun sharing your hobby with family and friends.

Freshwater fishing will take you to streams, rivers and lakes in search of the great variety of fish that there are – all of them a different challenge to fish. Take the kids along too – they’ll love it!

But first, don’t invite trouble. Check out your State’s fishing legislation and ensure that you have any licenses that are necessary. Any sporting goods mall/store will definitely guide you, telling you how to get it, where to get the necessary permits, and some of these stores will even provide them.

Take some time in the sporting goods mall/store to make sure you have the best and suitable fishing equipment. You don’t need anything flashy; certainly to begin with the basic fishing equipment will do. Keep your budget in mind at all times, but ask the advice of the staff in the specialist fishing department.

A cheap fishing rod and reel with a fishing line, weights, hooks, a bobber, net and fishing lures to land your fish are all you need, together with perhaps a pair of polarized sunglasses to make it easier to spot the fish in the water, especially difficult in sunny conditions.

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The Best Inflatable Kayaks of 2015

One of the best ways to exercise while you are on vacation or living near a body of water while enjoying the thrills of communing with nature is the kayak. Similar to canoes, kayaks are small sailings vessels, usually manned by one of two people using a double bladed paddle. The difference between a canoe and a kayak lies in the way they are built, the way the person navigating the vessel sits and the paddle. In a canoe, sailor sits with his feet drawn to his chest or strapped (if the canoe is so equipped) while using a single bladed paddle to sail. For kayaking, a double bladed paddle is wielded by the sailor who sits with his legs stretched in front of him and his feet are covered by an extended hull.

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The Ultimate Guide to Select the Best Fishing Rods for 2015

There are many best fishing rods for beginners which can help to get the fish you want without letting it escape. The rod is one of the only required pieces of equipment for each and every angler and fishing enthusiast. We help you to choose the best fishing rods.

There are many low-priced, high-priced models, and the higher the price the better the quality might be. Each fishing rod and reel has it’s own strength and weakness, but still some of these are ideal for both beginners and experts.

You may have to experience backlashes and snag problems while fishing if you select a bad rod. Don’t choose cheap rods that can cause you frustration in the water. You may have to ask the following questions to yourself before selecting the best fishing rods.

  1. Are You Fishing From The Bank or Boating?
  2. Do You Prefer stiffer or Flexible Rods?
  3. How Large Is Your Fish In Terms of Size and Weight?
  4. Where You Planned To Do The Fishing? (The Lake, Ocean, River, Streams, Seas Etc..)
  5. Are You Ready To Select The Best Fishing Rods?

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Reviews of The Best Saltwater Spinning Reel Under $200 for 2015

Welcome to the best saltwater spinning reels reviews article. You can read the reviews of some of the best-selling and highest recommended saltwater spinning reel models on Amazon in this site. This can help you to pick the ideal model that suits your requirement.As their name implies, saltwater spinning reels are designed especially for saltwater fishing. It’s one of the useful fishing equipment with much more advanced technology. There are hundreds and hundreds of saltwater spinning reel 2015 models available out there in the market.We have come up with the list of 5 best-selling products and reviewed these individually. These decisions are made based on it’s popularity, Average Feedback, Trust, Quality, Brand and so on. Don’t worry about the fake one’s, we review only the best. You can find-out the entire review list below.

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Guide on How To Pick The Best Spinning Reel For The Money You Invest

spinning-reelIt’s very important to select the best spinning reel if you’re into fishing related activities. Fishing is one of the most under appreciated hobby that you can do with your family members or friends.

You can read this spinning reel reviews to check-out some of the best-selling and highest recommended models on Amazon. A fishing reel is one of the most important thing for anglers. Nobody likes to hook a good fish and then loose it because of the poor quality tool.

Most of the low-quality reels will cause a fisherman to spend their day struggling with jammed reels and tangled lines. Using this guide you should be able to easily purchase some of the best fishing reels available on the market for 2014.

We reveal to you the ideal equipment reviews for easy decision-making. We have selected only the best spinning reel  products so don’t worry about making a bad choice. Check-out some of our top recommended best spinning reels review below.

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Rapala EZ Stow Line Scissor Review

Rapala EZ Stow Line ScissorA week ago I found myself browsing through the fishing section of my local big chain sporting good store. As I came to the section of fishing tools, I spotted the braided line scissors, clippers, etc. I’m in need of something that will cut braied line and I soon spotted the Rapala EZ Stow Line Scissor. At a little over five bucks, I figured I would give them a try. The retractable design and size made these appear perfect for storing in the pocket on my PFD. Well, by the price alone, I should have known better.

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Baitcasting Reels – Our Picks for the Best Models

Understanding The Use of Baitcasting Reels


It’s very important to select the best baitcasting reel if you’re a real fishing hobbyist or enthusiast. Fishing is considered as one of the most enjoyable and fun outdoor activity that you can participate in. It can help to bring people together to enjoy a lovely day at the river or on the lake.

However, it’s very important to have a decent baitcasting reel for beginners to get the most out their fishing experience. It’s a must-have tool for each and every fishing or angler enthusiast. A baitcasting reel is a device that is mounted on the fishing rod and used for stowing and winding the fishing line. With the improvement in technology. nowadays baitcasting reel can cast lines at a greater distance and retrieve in a neater fashion.

You can find-out the reviews of some of the highest recommended and best-selling finest baitcasting reel models mentioned below. This can help you to pick the best one for your requirements.

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Bristol Bay Forever Initiative raising campaign funds

Bristol Bay Forever has an Indiegogo campaign running to raise money in support of their efforts to persuade Alaska voters to approve the Bristol Bay Forever Initiative in November.

The initiative would amend the 1972 Bristol Bay Fisheries Reserve (which already protects  the watershed against oil and gas development) to include mining operations as well.

Here’s some inspiration to share:

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