Picking the Right Mini Crossbow

NcStar Crossbow with Red DotA mini crossbow / pistol crossbow can be really fun to play around with. There are a lot of options available all with different FPS (feet per second), draw weight, sights etc.

There are several advantages that pistol crossbows have over regular sized crossbows such as increased maneuverability and faster movement. They are also significantly cheaper. Where full-sized crossbows can retail at $500-$1000, you can get a great pistol crossbow at $25-$50 (some as low as $10-$15 if you are ok with something that will not last very long). If you plan to hunt small game or gifting it to younger people, pistol crossbows are perfect! The best thing, however, is that you can shoot one-handed! Meaning that you can go double crossbows!

These weapons come in many different shapes, dimensions, cocking mechanisms and even more importantly, they will have different calibers and shooting speeds. We also give you crossbow reviews of the 5 finest pistol crossbows on the market presently. In this post I have gathered the top rated products available on Amazon with real user reviews, so you can make an informative decision on what product to buy.

Mini Crossbows Compared

Brand and Model You can click the name for reviews, pricing and more
Weight – Pounds
Length – Inches
FPS – Feet Per Second. This is an important crossbow stat because high FPS means higher impact strength. However high speed can bring about more problems.
Arrow Length – Type of arrow that can be used to achieve maximum arrow velocity.
Draw Weight – How much force (lb) is used to shoot the bolt.
Price – $ < $15 $$ = $15-$35 $$$ = $35+
Rating – This is based on our own review and user reviews from Amazon and BUDK

Name and Picture Weight Length FPS Draw Weight Price Rating
NcStar Crossbow with Red Dot (CD)
NcStar Crossbow with Red Dot
3.8 lb 26.5 in no FPS 90lb $$$ Bad
MTECH DX-80 Crossbow Pistol
MTECH DX-80 Crossbow Pistol
1.6lb 20″ 160 FPS 80lb $$ Good
80 Lbs Self-cocking Cobra Crossbow Pistol
80 Lbs Self-cocking Crossbow Pistol
6.8lb 18″ 165 FPS 80lb $$ Good
Avalanche Pistol Grip Tactical 50-lb. Crossbow
Avalanche Pistol Grip Tactical 50lb. Crossbow
1 lb 14″ 150 FPS 50lb $ Good
80 lb Pistol Crossbow (No Brand)
80 lb Pistol Crossbow
6 lb 17″ 155 FPS 80 lb $$ Good
Velocity PX-80 Recurve Pistol Crossbow
Velocity PX-80 Recurve Pistol Crossbow
2.3 lb 21″ 160 FPS 80 lb $$$ Good
Prophecy 80 Pound Aluminum Self-cocking Pistol Crossbow
Prophecy 80 Pound Aluminum Self-cocking Pistol Crossbow
2.3 lb 23″ 165 FPS 80 lb $$$ Okay
M48 Self-Cocking 80-Lb. Cobra Crossbow Pistol
M48 Self-Cocking 80-Lb. Cobra Crossbow Pistol
4 lb 22″ 160 FPS 80 lb $$$ Okay
BladesUSA MK-45 Pistol Style Fiberglass Body Crossbow
BladesUSA MK-45 Pistol Style Fiberglass Body Crossbow
2.3 lb 19″ 130 FPS 50 lb $$ Bad

Cobra Bows 80 Lbs. Mini Crossbow (4.5/5)

80 Lbs Self-cocking Crossbow Pistol

With a draw weight of 80 lbs. and shooting at 160 FPS, no wonder this little beast is the best-selling mini crossbow pistol on Amazon.

This Cobra Bow is self-cocking which means you don’t have to worry about contortions or pulled muscles. It also has a safety which automatically engages when cocking the bow.

You have the option to buy it with an open sight that you “click tune” for better accuracy or choose to have the package with a red dot scope.

You can expect the Cobra Bows 80 Lbs. Self-Cocking Crossbow Pistol to fire bolts up to 100 yards which is really good! The size of this bow is approximately 18” x 6” and comes with 3 or 15 6” aluminum arrows depending on what package you choose to purchase.


The Cobra System Self Cocking Tactical Crossbow Pistol 80 lb is among the perfect products in the market no other product from other manufacturers can compare to. The equipment has an inbuilt power that launches bolts to more than 100 yards which is approximately 91.44 meters. Achieving this distance has not been an easy task. The equipment has been set up by highly experienced experts who are quality oriented. You do not need to move so close to the target organism. Getting so close to the target organism might scare away the target leading to escape. The Cobra System Self Cocking Tactical Crossbow Pistol 80 lb saves you such disappointments

Sighting and Accuracy

The accuracy for the Cobra System Self Cocking Tactical Crossbow Pistol 80 lb has been greatly improved. The equipment has additional parts the help to achieve accuracy. The elevation wheels are used to adjust the angle of elevation depending on the location of the target organism. To adjust the angle of elevation, you click the wheels as you focus on the target.

Speed and safety

The Cobra System Self Cocking Tactical Crossbow Pistol 80 lb is designed with a high firing speed of up to approximately 165 fps. This speed makes the product convenient hence being a great product for hunting. The high speed of this equipment allows a short time for reloading the bolts hence one can take several shots in a short period of time. This equipment has an automatic self-cocking mechanism that makes it safer to use. Since the cable for cocking on this equipment automatic, one does not have to strain a lot pulling down the arm lever on the pivot. To increase the safety of this equipment and reduce the risks of injuring your string, there are lubricants such as the rail lube which reduces friction.

Size and weight

The size for the Cobra System Self Cocking Tactical Crossbow Pistol 80 lb has been made in such a way that it does not become a burden to carry. This equipment is estimated to be about 18 inches by 6 inches in size. The material used to make this equipment was specifically meant to make it a little but lighter and convenient to carry.


The prices for purchasing the Cobra System Self Cocking Tactical Crossbow Pistol 80 lb are quite affordable and pocket-friendly with this being available for around $35 at any given time.


Using the Cobra System Self Cocking Tactical Crossbow Pistol 80 Lb is such a lovely experience that has no regrets. This equipment is safe, affordable and fast unlike other equipment from other manufacturers hence it has an upper hand over the others.

Cobra Bows 80 Lbs. Crossbow Pistol User Reviews

People overall are very happy with their purchase and surprised by the build quality for such a low price. Assembling this mini crossbow is extremely easy according to many owners except for the string which some say may be a little tricky.

The arrows that come with the bow are great for target practice. If you go with the open sight you might have to check the screws on the sight from time to time to make sure it aims ok. People that have chosen the package with the red dot sight say it works well and that they are happy with their purchase.

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Velocity Recurve Pistol Crossbow (4.5/5)

Velocity Recurve Pistol CrossbowThe Recurve Pistol from Velocity has a draw weight of 80lbs and shoot bolts at 160 FPS.

As with the other mini crossbows reviewed it has a self-cocking system which engages the auto safety when pulled.

The pistol is made of aluminum and weighs 1.98 pounds.

Keep in mind that bolts are not included with the Velocity Recurve Pistol Crossbow and need to be bought separately.

Velocity Recurve Pistol Crossbow User Reviews

Customers say that the Velocity Recurve mini crossbow is easy to put together and has some serious punch. One customer even says that the FPS is better that what is advertised by the manufacturer!

One complaint was made about the scope won’t tighten very well, but overall this seems like a great choice!

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Ace Martial Arts Supply 80lbs Draw Crossbow Pistol (4.3/5)

Self-Cocking 80 Lbs Crossbow Pistol with 2 bowsThis mini crossbow from Ace Martial Arts Supply is fairly new to the market. It has a draw weight of 80lbs shooting at 165 FPS.

Similar to the Cobra Bows crossbow it has a self-cocking system. It has a body made of strong plastic and the bow itself is made of fiberglass.

This pistol can be used for both hunting and target practice. Three aluminum arrows are included in the package as well as an adjustable tactical sight.

Weight and Durability

This equipment is designed in a way that it does not cause any inconvenience to the user. The Ace Martial Pistol Crossbow has a draw weight of 80 lbs. The equipment is made of a strong plastic material. Some people fear a lot when to hear of an equipment made of plastic material. These people believe that there cannot be any durable plastic object. Well, this excellent pistol crossbow is available to prove them wrong. The highly experienced experts who worked on worked on this equipment say they used plastic so as to make it lighter. But again the plastic material used make this equipment is very strong that it cannot be easily broken. The bow is made of a compressed fiberglass so as to increase the durability of this equipment. This modification has been made from the best pistol crossbows since users had raised complaints concerning the crossbow equipment.

Speed and Safety

The Ace Martial Self Cocking 80LB Draw Pistol Crossbow has an improved firing speed compared to other hunting equipment. This equipment has a firing speed of approximately 165 fps. This is an excellent speed for a hunting season, capable of taking down the medium game. This speed enables you to hunt down the target before it escapes. Some other crossbows from other manufacturers have a slower speed, hence making the hunting session quite boring. With this pistol crossbow,  your kids will never get bored nor encounter disappointments during your hunting session.


Having quality products is not enough to attract customers. The prices are also a determinant for customer attraction. The prices for this pistol crossbow are pocket-friendly to all customers, especially for kids. No need to spend $500+ on some video game console. With this crossbow pistol, your kids get exercise and experience the great outdoors! The price is very affordable for all people of all financial status have been considered. The price for the brand Ace Martial Self Cocking 80LB Draw Pistol Crossbow is estimated to be about $45 US Dollars.


The Ace Martial Self Cocking 80LB Draw Pistol Crossbow is generally a great equipment for small hunting games and target shooting games. Many people have preferred this equipment to other equipment because it has an increased safety mechanism. The pistol crossbow is also preferred because of the reduced friction on the pivot hence once does not have to exert a lot of energy when pulling the arm lever.

Ace Martial Arts Supply 80lbs Draw Crossbow Pistol User Reviews

There are not as many reviews of this pistol as the Cobra Bows, but overall people seem to like this pistol. Owners of this pistol say that it is easy to reload and that the bow is very powerful and accurate for its price.

As with the Cobra Bows Crossbow Pistol, people have had some issues when stringing the bow, which seems to be a little tricky.

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MTECH Crossbow USA DX-80 (3.9/5)

Size and Weight

MTECH DX-80 Crossbow PistolThe MTECH Crossbow USA DX-80 is designed in a way that is very portable and easy to carry. Having a quality product that is inconvenient to carry is one way of pissing off customers. Hunting sessions, especially during summer require equipment that is easy to carry because one moves from place to place in search for the target organism. People want to use equipment that they can carry without feeling the burden of carrying it. For this the MTECH Crossbow USA DX-80 is a perfect and convenient equipment. This equipment is 18 by 10 by 4 inches in terms of the size dimensions. This size has made the equipment easy to package and carry. The MTECH Crossbow USA DX-80 weighs about 80 lbs. according to the reports of the engineers who worked hard to design this equipment. The experts insist they decided to use this weight so as to ensure people do not engage a lot of energy or strain to carry this equipment.

Originality and Shipping destinations

The Mtech Crossbow USA Dx-80 concept behind the designing of this equipment began in China. Experts from China first tested the equipment in the country and started being made in the USA after a bigger percentage of customers recommended it. Currently, the equipment can only be shipped within the USA. In case you order this equipment, it will be shipped separately from all the other items you might have ordered, although three will not be any additional charges for shipping.

Speed and Safety

The safety of using this equipment has not been compromised too. This equipment has been modified from other items so as to increase its safety.The MTECH Crossbow USA DX-80 has an automatic self-cocking mechanism where you do not have to cock it in order to shoot. The firing speed of the MTECH Crossbow USA DX-80 has also been greatly improved. Nothing really causes boredom and disappointments, other than a slow firing speed during the hunting seasons. The firing speed for this equipment is estimated to be about 160 fps. This is such an amazing speed for hunting because there are minimal chances of the target organism escaping.


The MTECH Crossbow USA DX-80 is a great equipment to use. The durability and safety of this item are one advantage that has enabled this item to outcompete the other items from other manufacturers.

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Armory Light Crossbow Pistol 50LBS Pistol Fiberglass (2.5/5)

Size and Weight

Light CrossbowThe Armory Light Crossbow Pistol 50LBS Pistol Fiberglass is designed in the best way to ensure suitability, efficiency and convenience during use. No single customer desires to use a hunting equipment that will cause them trouble and disappointments. A good hunting item should be easy to pack and relocate to. During hunting seasons, the target organism might relocate to a different location and so you will also need to adjust your location to have a clear view of the target. For this reason, you need a good equipment that will serve this purpose with speed. This crossbow pistol measures 12.8 inches by 16.5 inches in size. This is a perfect size for a hunting equipment since it is easy to carry. This specific crossbow has a weight of approximately 50 lbs. This is a good weight for a perfect hunting item since its light and one do not strain or apply more energy carrying it.

Sighting and Speed and Power

Some people believe that power comes with size. This is not really true when it comes to hunting equipment. However small, the Armory Light Crossbow Pistol 50LBS Pistol Fiberglass has proven that it has more power compared to the various larger equipment from various manufacturers. It is this power of this item that contributes to the high firing speed. The high firing speed is also another characteristic for this crossbow pistol that have attracted more customers to purchase it. It is unbelievable that this small equipment can produce a firing speed of up to about 150 feet per second. Many hunting equipment with a similar size and weight have failed to match up to this speed. Most of them attain a speed of about 90 fps only. In terms of sighting the target organism, the Armory Light Crossbow Pistol 50LBS Pistol Fiberglass has been accompanied by a scope which is positioned at the end of the barrel. The scope has made it easier to aim properly and have a clear view of the target organism even from afar.


Although this crossbow has a low price of $15, it does not mean that quality has been sacrificed. Armory Replicas has done an excellent job in maintaining quality and durability at a low price.


The Armory Light Crossbow Pistol 50LBS Pistol Fiberglass is a great item to use for hunting games since it is powerful efficient and fast. Its weight makes it, even more, comfortable for both kids and adults.

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