Best Rated Crossbows for 2015

best rated crossbow for 2015Crossbows have come a really long way, especially during the past decade. The technology and materials used to build these weapons are nothing short of incredible. The design has also been improved upon in order to increase accuracy, durability, and efficiency. These short-range hunting tools have also become more popular among marksmen and people who just want to have a little fun without actually needing a gun permit. Choosing the right crossbow can be difficult especially if this is the first time you are looking to buy such an item. Most crossbows have similar features but are set apart by things like weight, versatility or price. We have taken the time to go through a long list of products which are currently top selling items. We have taken into consideration key aspects which are found only with the best of crossbows. A proper crossbow will set you back more than $250 so you should make sure it has all the basic features needed in order to feel you’ve made the right choice.

The first thing you usually get with a top end crossbow is a nicely balanced body which has a lightweight design but can still offer stability. That balance should be achieved through great craftsmanship and not by using cheap materials.

The second point which needs to be checked off the “must have list” is material quality. A professional crossbow should not incorporate plastic parts. Top end crossbows are made out of carbon fiber.

One other thing worth thinking about is that just like with many other pieces of hunting equipment, you get what you pay for. Don’t be cheap as some products which are under $100 tend to deteriorate or even stop working after a short period of time.

Last but not least consider the noise levels. Crossbows are built and used to offer a less noisy alternative to guns. There is no point in buying a crossbow which will always give away your position. This is mostly a feature for those who plan on using the crossbow for actual hunting.

Here are the top 5 crossbows you should consider:

Useful details
Excalibur Axiom SMF Crossbow Kitexcalibur axiom smf crossbow kit
Power Stroke: 14.5 in
Mass Weight: 5.8 lbs
Overall Length: 37.5 in
Arrow Length: 20 in
$$$$ (4.6/5)
Barnett Ghost 350 CRT Crossbow Packagebarnett ghost crt crossbow package
12-inch power stroke
350-feet-per-second (FPS) firing velocity
20-inch arrow length
$$$$ (4.6/5)
Barnett Jackal Crossbow Packagebarnett jackall crossbow package
Power stroke: 12 inches
Arrow length: 20 inches
Velocity: 315 feet per second
$$$ (4.2/5)
Barnett Wildcat C5 Black Crossbow Packagebarnett wildcat c5 black crossbow package
Power stroke: 13 inches
Arrow length: 20 inches
Velocity: 320 feet per second
$$$ (4.6/5)
Barnett 78610 Recruit Compound Crossbow Packagebarnett 78610 recruit compound crossbow package
-Perfect for women and small-framed hunters
$$$ (4.5/5)
SA Sports Fever Crossbow Packagesa sports fever crossbow package
String Length: 26.5
Length (w/o Foot Stirrup): 31″
Width (Limb Tip to Limb Tip): 27″
$$ (4.5/5)


Excalibur Axiom SMF Crossbow Kit

excalibur axiom smf crossbow kitRead our review! This is a really exquisite product. The first thing you notice about it is the way it looks. It really has a professional feel to it. Even though extremely well balanced and lightweight it is one of the most powerful crossbows on the market. It will produce speeds of up to 305 ft. per second. The accuracy on this crossbow is mind blowing. It is effortless to cock and it is perfect to carry around even for long periods of time. This product is sold with additional parts. You will also receive a scope which is easily mounted on the body of the crossbow for extra precision. You will also get a cocking aid, and 4 Firebolt arrows.  Make no mistake that this is a professional piece of equipment. It has all the necessary features to get amateur hunters started. This is not recommended just for fun as the price tag tends to be a bit too high for a few simple target practice sessions.

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Ever since I got Excalibur Axiom SMF crossbow kit, I have started to improve my shot accuracy considerably. It feels very light and perfectly balanced for my taste, thus now I rarely miss a target. I’ve hunted with it on numerous occasions and I’ve never came back empty handed. I conclude by giving it top marks for precision and shot power.” – Keith D. Jackson

Barnett Ghost 350 CRT Crossbow Package

barnett ghost crt crossbow packageRead our review! The Ghost 350 CRT is one of the most sophisticated crossbows on the market. It has an impressive design and it comes with a great price tag especially for professional hunters. It is one of Barnett’s most popular products mostly because of its lightweight body which resulted after the manufacturers started using the Carbon Riser Technology mentioned in the name of the weapon. This US made crossbow is one of the most durable products of its kind. It is built to last which is exactly what you should be looking for in hunting equipment. Because it weighs only 7.5 pounds it is able to shift its center of gravity way back leaving the front end easily controllable. Another great advantage of using a lightweight product such as this is the fact that it is effortless to carry around. You will forget you have it during those long hunting sessions. Besides having one of the best designs on the market, this crossbow also has a lot of power. It produces 116 foot-pounds of energy and it gives the arrow speeds of up to 350 feet per second.

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“I recommend this crossbow for hunting large game because it enhances ones accuracy and it can shoot at high velocities over large distances. The clocking system makes it very easy to reload, so I never waste time between shots. I definitely like that it weighs just over 7 pounds and I don’t have any problem carrying when I have to hike for several miles to find the right game.” – Nathan T. Watson

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

barnett jackall crossbow packageRead our review! The Jackal is Barnett’s attempt to provide decent hunting equipment for those who don’t have unlimited budgets. Fortunately for people who’ve just started learning about what it takes to hunt with a crossbow, Barnett have succeeded in creating the perfect entry-level device. According to many reviews, this could be the best crossbow 2015. It comes fully loaded with a quick-detach quiver, bolts and a top end red dot sight which you only see on crossbows which cost three times as much. Even though less expensive than top rated crossbows, this weapon will produce higher speeds than professional hunting crossbows. At 315 feet per second, this is one of the fastest bow shooting devices on the market. Weighing in at 7.7 pounds, it is considered very lightweight. It is well-balanced and very silent. The synthetic cables, the ADF MIM trigger mechanism, and the 3.5-pound trigger pull make this a top choice for people looking to start getting serious about hunting. Last but not least you should notice this device’s camouflage which besides being very well designed, will never deteriorate.

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“In my opinion Barnett Jackal Crossbow is excellent for hunting game and I suggest seriously considering it if you are looking for a top crossbow. I bought it because it has one of the best shooting velocities on the market and the clocking mechanism was well reviewed by other users. I also suggest fitting it with a red dot sight for added precision” – Keith G.

Barnett Wildcat C5 Black Crossbow Package

barnett wildcat c5 black crossbow packageRead our review! If you are looking for the complete package, this is the product to invest in. With this package, you will receive all the parts you need without having to spend any more money on additional gear. According to our experts, this is the crossbow which offers the best value for money. It is easy to handle and use. It produces amazing speeds of up to 320 feet per second even if it only weighs in at 8.5 pounds. Other features include a magnesium riser, a vented quad limb type, and the veloci-speed cable system made entirely out of synthetic materials. The arrows which can be used with this crossbow measure 20 inches which is enough for an amateur hunter. Another key feature meant to help you on your hunting trips is the way this crossbow handles noise. It is one of the quietest weapons you will ever get your hands on. This US made product comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

Amazon has great prices on Barnett products. Click here to read more!

Amazon has great prices on Barnett products. Click here to read more!

“This crossbow has proven to be very resourceful and thanks to it well-balanced design I manage to improve my shooting accuracy constantly. I was very pleased to see that it didn’t produce any loud noises when I shoot it, thus increasing the chance of me hitting the pray, without it even moving one inch. I fitted it with a scope as well, to enhance my precision even more!” – Faustino Mckie

Barnett 78610 Recruit Compound Crossbow Package

barnett 78610 recruit compound crossbow packageThis is a crossbow which targets a particular type of audience. It is mostly destined for hunters who are small in size and have difficulty handling regularly sized items. If you are a woman or a teenager looking to learn a thing or two about hunting, this is the device to get. Besides the adjustable but stock, the Recruit also comes with a Pass Thru grip which has finger reminders. The price of this package includes 3 arrows, a rope cocking device and a top of the line red dot sight meant to increase accuracy. The shots fired by this crossbow have been registered at 300 feet per second. Even though not the most powerful out there, it still remains one of the most efficient crossbows you will ever buy. It is perfectly balanced and nicely designed in order to keep the arrows within reach at all times. It is also one of the easiest to adjust while on the go.

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“I bought this crossbow because I’m not the tallest guy around and the size of this crossbow was perfect for me. I also fitted a dot sight to it and this upgrade has really improved my shooting abilities. The power is enough to take down small pray and I don’t hesitate to recommend it to other people.” – Jason Barry

SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package

sa sports fever crossbow packageThis is one of the smartest investments you could ever make. This is a professional crossbow sold for three times less than you would normally pay for such a product. It has a fiberglass body and it is one of the most durable items within this price range. It has an amazing design which comes hand in hand with the camouflage covering its body.  The package includes a top end multi-reticle scope, a padded shoulder sling, 4 high-end arrows and an adjustable scope mount. Arrows fired from this particular crossbow will reach speeds of up to 240 feet per second which is more than enough for such an affordable piece of hunting equipment. Our experts suggest using this crossbow for light hunting sessions or for target practice. Don’t expect it though to match equipment which costs three or four times as much. It will have a shorter range and not the same accuracy as a $600 crossbow, but it will still provide great results as long as you are not too far away from your target.

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“The fiberglass body was the main reason for why I bought it because it makes it light and strong too. I can’t think of any other model better for hunting small pray because it’s extremely light and can be reloaded very quickly. It can be fitted with a standard or red dot scope so I can increase my accuracy. It has proven to be a great investment, helping me shoot down all sorts of small game.” – William Villagomez 

Jaguar CR-013 Series Crossbow

jaguar cr-013 series crossbowThe Jaguar is among the few crossbows which can easily be called the best crossbow of 2015 It has what it takes to provide top end results without putting a dent in your budget. It is well-balanced, very quiet and very durable which is a must if you like to hunt in rough conditions. The bolts will reach speeds of up to 245 feet per second making this piece of hunting equipment an excellent choice for those who are into light hunting sessions. The CR-013 is delivered with a red dot scope measuring 30mm. It will provide an excellent view of targets which are not in plain sight. Because of the perfectly balanced body, the 3 dot scope, and the excellent design, this is one of the most accurate crossbows you could purchase. According to our experts, this product has a five-star rating and it is going to increase in popularity as times goes by.  Remember though that this is not for professionals which explain its low price tag.

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“This is my first crossbow and it has thought me a great deal about shooting one. I like it because it feels light in my hands and I don’t get tired after firing a few bolts. It didn’t cost much either and my pleasant experience with it makes me recommend it to other novice crossbow users as well.” – Karl Marin

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