Barnett RAZR Crossbow Review

barnett-razr-crossbow-reviewIf you are a hunter and want to have a unique experience that will get your adrenaline rushing and make your hunting sessions more exciting, consider getting the perfect crossbow package.

There are many crossbow packages out there in market promising great hunting performances, but only a few live up to their claims.

One of the few that will deliver on its promises is the Barnett Razr Crossbow package.

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The Barnett Razr Crossbow Package

The Razr Crossbow is Barnett’s most impressionable and most technologically ahead of all the crossbows that they have. It is in fact the epitome of the perfect crossbow package in the industry.

It is efficient, very powerful and has a balanced crossbow that is unmatched in the market. It also has the highest power-to-weight ratio unlike any of the crossbows ever made, thanks to its very comfortable weight of 6.4 pounds.

Despite its draw weight of 185 pounds, the Barnett Razr crossbow is able to produce impressive arrow speeds of 400 FPS.

The Excellent Carbon Riser Technology

However, what really makes the Barnett Razr a favorite of many hunters, is the technology aspect incorporated into Razr crossbow package.

It is the first one in the industry to ever have full carbon stock that when merged with Barnett’s perfect Carbon Riser technology and the titanium side-torque plates; the result is usually an impressive low weight and the crossbow remaining strong and unbelievably stronger than any other crossbow in the market.

Anti Dry Fire- Metal Injection Molding (ADF-MIM)

This is another one of those things that makes this crossbow the darling of many hunters. It is a feature used by many modern crossbow manufacturers.

It is known to increase the safety rating and the ease of use of these crossbows. It automatically engages the crossbow’s safety when one properly cocks it. This helps in prevention of dry fires which explains its name.

The metal injection molding enables a reduction of the trigger pull from the Razr Crossbow (which is a very high draw weight crossbow) to a very light 3.5 pounds, something that will increase its accessibility.

Custom Fiber-Blend Crosswire Strings

The Barnett Razr crossbow is again the first in the industry to have its strings made of a custom fiber-blend. This allows the crosswire strings to maximize and retain their strength.

The strings are also weather resistance and will not require any upgrade for the crossbow to perform to its full power. With proper care, the Razr crossbow’s crosswire strings will continue serving their purpose for a long long time.

Easier Handling

Thanks to the underarm support which is simply a retractable section of the crossbow’s stock, the user is able to adjust the crossbow’s feel to their liking and it also allows perfect balance making it easier to handle during a shooting session.

The Improved Quiver & a Bonus Skinning Knife

The Razr comes with a specially designed quiver that fits its sleek profile and allows easy access to the arrows while providing adequate protection at the same time.

The Razr also comes with a bonus skinning knife that perfectly attaches to the stock and never falls off.

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Barnett RAZR Pros & Cons

The Pros

  •     The Razr Crossbow is known for its durability and flexibility thanks to its composite laminated limbs.
  •     It is quick and accurate when it comes to firing and loading thanks to its perfect crosswire strings and cable system
  •     It is safe to use thanks to its automatic safety
  •     It has super-fast arrow speeds compared to other crossbows with the speeds going up to 400FPS
  •     The best quiver that fits the crossbow’s sleek profile
  •     An affordable price considering the quality

The Cons

  •     It might be too expensive for people with a tight budget
  •     It is not ideal for beginners

The Conclusion

This is definitely a great quality crossbow from Barnett. The stock is perfect, very durable and impressively made. It has a nice feel to it that every crossbow hunter looks for when buying crossbows.

The bow shoots really fast and allows for a steady aim. It is a great quality piece and for $ 1147.85 it is definitely worth buying and will portray you in admirable light as you flaunt it to your fellow hunters.

Having a Barnett Razr Crossbow will positively change your hunting experiences and make you always look forward to hunting season. There are many elements to talk about; but the above is an insight with this respect.

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