Barnett Penetrator Crossbow Review – Power at a Great Price

Barnett Penetrator CrossbowMany crossbows make promises of power and convenience that they don’t fulfill. When searching for items like crossbows, specifications and features can make products look far more valuable and useful than they actually are. With the Barnett Penetrator, that definitely is not the case.

With true power and wealth of features, this crossbow offers sportsmen the chance to get a top-of-the-line crossbow at a highly competitive price without sacrificing quality.

Barnett Penetrator Performance

Barnett has long been a trusted manufacturer in the crossbow and sport industry. With the release of the Barnett Penetrator, they have raised the bar with this new quad-limbed compound bow.

This crossbow features a draw weight of 175 pounds and is capable of shooting at over 350 feet per second. These two features alone set the Barnett Penetrator among the top of its class. On top of being powerful, the Penetrator is very accurate as well.

Featuring Barnett’s heralded fiber compound crossbow strings as well whiplash cams that reduce vibrations to ensure an accurate shot every time.

Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow 20-Inch Arrows with Field PointsThe power of the Barnett Penetrator is remarkable. The 175 pound draw weight gives power to hit any game or target with more than enough strength. As a result, the bow can tend to over perform, but most hunters don’t seem to have a problem with that.

It is encourage to be wary of your surroundings to ensure that you don’t have to constantly replace your arrows from hitting hard surfaces like rocks should an arrow pass through your target.

Another convenient feature of the Penetrator is the unique shoot through stirrup. This feature shrinks the overall profile of the device by incorporating the stirrup directly into the body of the bow itself. A smaller profile means it is easier to wield and transport, especially in confined places like underbrush or woods.

Along with this, the magnesium STR riser increases the safety of the bow while making it stronger and lighter at the same time. Unlike many other cumbersome bows, this is a feature packed bow without the large profile and weight.
Perhaps one of the most useful features and one that has made Barnett a leading manufacturer among serious sportsmen is the inclusion of the ADF MIM system.

This firing systems ensure that your bow doesn’t get damaged through dry fires, as only knocked arrows allow the bow to be fired.

As a result, you ensure your bow is going to last a long time without the wear and tear of possible dry fires.

Upgrading the Crossbow

This bow also allows users to upgrade various features from the base model you purchase. The included 4 x 32 mm scope that is included is well suited for most sportsmen, but can be easily upgraded by users who desire a more powerful scope.

The other option to upgrade the bow is through the use of a crank system. These allow a faster cocking time and far easier crank than doing it manually with the bow itself. This is a great feature for those who are looking for quick reload times between shots or those who are looking to make the task of cocking easier on any bow.

Pros and Cons of the Barnett Penetrator

Overall, the Barnett Penetrator is a bow that will easily suit any hunter or sportsman’s needs at a great price. Barnett has included many high-end features on a very practical bow.

The price tag alone makes this an attractive bow for any beginner or experienced sportsman. The wealth of included features make the bow a great option for those looking for a bow they can easily purchase and use out of the box.

The option to upgrade the scope and add the cranking system give buyers the chance to further customize the bow, should they feel the need. All of these features coupled with the sheer strength of the bow make it a great option for anyone looking for a new bow.


Some aspects that Barnett may want to focus on in improving the Penetrator would be the noise of the bow. For many hunters, the bow can be a bit loud which can be a problem when hunting certain game.

Another aspect that has proved challenging to some is the cocking mechanism without the attachment. Some people have found that cocking the device can be cumbersome and difficult. Using the additional cocking system greatly improves the ease of the process, though.

The final issue that some hunters have had is the sheer strength of the bow. On occasion, the bow can “over-perform” or be too strong for certain types of game or targets.

Final Review

For the price and the features, the Barnett Penetrator is a must-buy for anyone looking for a great basic bow. The bow combines strength, durability, and portability to make a great overall package.

This bow is perfect for any hunter or target shooter looking for a high-quality product at a great price. When buying the bow, especially consider purchasing the additional Barnett cocking system to make the most out of your purchase.



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