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In the world of crossbow hunting, there are a handful of manufacturers that produce some of the very best crossbow platforms the world has ever seen. Barnett is one of the few titans, continually innovating their already breakthrough designs to create some of the most comfortable, powerful, and deadly accurate crossbow solutions available for sale. This specific package, the Barnett Ghost 350 CRT Crossbow Package, just so happens to be another one of their smash hits – as well as one of the lightest crossbows that Barnett has ever created.

With more and more states allowing the use of crossbows without the need for permits, companies are starting to develop safer and more dependable crossbows to comply with state standards. As well as more and more people are shifting to crossbows from rifles for their hunting.Regarded by many professional crossbow hunters as the best crossbow money can buy right now, the Barnett Ghost 350 is light, powerful, and ridiculously accurate.


Barnett Ghost 350 CRT Features and Usability

There are a couple of obvious things that you want when you are purchasing a crossbow, features that if missing would cripple the entire platform right out of the gate. Luckily, Barnett understands crossbow hunting and crossbow hunters probably better than anyone else, and they made sure that the Big Three issues were taken care of.

First, thanks to their new carbon riser technology and other synthetic solutions across the board they’ve been able to shave literally pounds off of their older platforms to create this 7.5 pound bow. Without compromising the structural integrity or delivery system of the crossbows that they’ve been known to produce, this is going to be so much simpler to pack into the woods and out of. Not to mention the fact that you’re not going to get too terribly tired holding this unit, waiting for the perfect shot.

With a 175 pound draw weight, a 12 inch power stroke, and firing speeds of 350 FPS you’re going to be delivering a 20 inch bolt to your target with up to 116 foot-pounds of energy on the moment of impact. This is certainly more than enough juice to drop even the bigger games you might be interested in hunting, the kind of power that you’re looking for from a true crossbow hunting platform.

The accuracy comes into play thanks to the proper machining methods and metal injection molding processes used to create what many call the very best crossbow available for sale today. As the fit and finish across the board is rock solid and tighter than the you could imagine. Using a number of proprietary methods across the board in the construction of the Barnett Ghost 350 CRT Crossbow, you’re not going to have to worry about any loose components throwing off your aim whatsoever.

With these specs, this isn’t your quick shoot crossbow. The safety switch is automatically turned on whenever you cock the bow string so that you do not accidentally pull the trigger after loading.

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Barnett Ghost 350 CRT Top

Shooting the bow with all this energy and velocity is still very quiet with its Whiplash Cams and Crosswire Strings. This crossbow with its slow cocking but great force would make a good stalk and wait weapon for your hunting.

All this energy and velocity is balanced out through the weight reduction of the CRT. The front end is light and the bigger weight has been put at the end of the stock for a better balance and feel.

The Barnett Ghost 350 also has vibration reduction technology that makes sure that when you pull the trigger you reduce the vibration by up to 30% and adds a lot to the bows accuracy.

The Barnett Ghost comes in a basic package of the Crossbow, 3 bolts and the scope. Some custom packages also have the Barnett Cranking Device to make loading faster.

There are also options for bolt holders, lube wax, slings, cases and a wide range of bolt tips. The price range is around $450 up to $700 depending on the additional equipment you get.

This hunting equipment is definitely a great find. However, it is not available for sale in some zip codes.

What comes with the Package?

  • 3 – 20-inch Barnett Arrows
  • A quiver
  • Rope Cocking Device
  • Illuminated Scope
  • Scope Mounting Brackets


  • Easy to set up
  • Safety is set automatically once bow is cocked
  • Very fast and Accurate – Shots up to 50 yards
  • Very light (comparison to other bows)
  • Quiet


  • Scope can be distorted on the edge of the sight
  • Package does not include broadheads and a bow case


A lot of praises have been given for this bow with its ultra-lightweight frame, quiet but strong firing, safety and overall balance. The Barnett Ghost 350 is absolutely recommended for your first or even as an upgrade all-around crossbow.

5 comments on “Barnett Ghost 350 Crossbow Review

  1. I purchased the ghost 350 with additional items and I could not be more happier with the barnett carbon bolts and a rage broadhead.
    Very light and extremely accurate defiantly a 5 star rating. I got a 160 lb doe down after she ran 30 yard she was finished then few weeks later I put a nice 10 point down. This crossbow has been amazing!

    1. Great to hear that you are happy with the Barnett Ghost 350! It is a bestseller for a reason! And thanks for commenting on my site! Always fun to hear real user experiences.

  2. I read hundreds of crossbow reviews trying to find a good one and seeing that the ghost 350 had mostly good reviews I got one thinking this one seems pretty good for the price so I got it and now that I’ve been shooting it this crossbow is my favorite weapon I have ever owned I would not trade/sell my ghost 350 ever and thinking about being buried it with lol I use the Barnett carbon bolts with 100 gr shwacker broadheads and with two deer down within 50 yards of being shot and 3 turkeys in the spring down on the spot of course I’m a true fan Barnett hung the moon with this truly amazing artfully crafted masterpiece I personally give it 6 out of 5 stars lol I shoot it at least 3 days a week year around and by the way one of the gobblers I got had a 10 1/2 beard (my biggest ever) this guy is extremely happy with this crossbow!!!!!! Barnett has my business for life!

  3. After a few days of reading reviews and analyzing features and price, I chose the Barnett Ghost 350. I liked the specs on the Ghost 400 but couldn’t justify the extra price for another 50 feet per second.

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