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  • Powerful crossbow features Barnsdale laminated limbs encapsulated with Barnett's AVI technology, reducing noise up to 30%
  • Aluminum flight rail, Whiplash Cams, and Crosswire strings and cables provide quiet, precise shot; patented shoot-through foot stirrup allows more power in compact package
  • Comes with ADF trigger system, illuminated 3x32 multi-reticle red/green dot sight, four 22-inch arrows, and a quiver

  • Can be a bit heavy for some beginners.
  • Not for shooters looking for budget crossbows.

Barnett Buck Commander

If you are just entering into the world of “Crossbows”, and want to start with some serious gear, you could not do better than Barnett Buck Commander Crossbow.

It has everything that you would need to get high-end crossbow experience but in a much more accessible way.

The Buck Commander by Barnett hits hard, accurate and makes one of the most preferred bows for beginners.

All the installation hardware and screws provided in the package make the whole process easy and quick. Even as a beginner, you won’t take more than 15 minutes to set up this one.

The best part is that it is priced quite reasonably for all the features it has to offer.

In this Barnett Buck Commander Crossbow review, we’ll put a light on different aspects of this model to help you make a better choice.

Preparing to Shoot and Specifications

With a weight of just 8.1 pounds, this crossbow by Barnett is little heavy for beginners, but one tends to get used to it after a few days of shooting. You can use the wax given in the package to wax the strings to make it smoother for use. As per Barnett’s recommendation, applying a thin layer of wax every 10 arrows fired should be the standard practice for crossbows.

With a draw weight of 175lbs and 356 FPA shooting velocity, The Barnett Buck Commander is clearly a winner among many high-end crossbows for beginners available in the market. For cocking a crossbow with the draw weight requires using rope cocking aid supplied in the package itself. This will reduce the force required to draw the string by 50%.

Target Shooting

Even though Barnett crossbow lies in the category of mid-price range crossbows, the Buck Commander is far too powerful for home-made targets. With the velocity of 370 FPS, you can easily forget about the target practice from the distance of fewer than 20 yards, as the force is more likely to splinter or shatter your arrows. It is a powerful crossbar and many people will simply love the performance they will be able to deliver with it. The design is exceptionally well made, and even a total beginner can consistently shoot quarter-sized targets from 30 yards and further.


Buck Commander simply has no limits. You can take down elk, buffalo, deer, bear, and elephants (if they are legal in your state). The Barnett Commander uses AVI technology that claims to reduce the noise levels of the crossbow by an average of 20-25%.

As far as the range is concerned, you can get perfect clean pass-through on any target from even a distance of 60+ yards. This crossbow from Barnett is so fast and quiet that your target would barely manage to move before the arrow hit it.

The Arrows

The Barnett Commander is packed with three 22 inch carbon arrows with attachable field points for easy target shooting. These are pretty strong arrows and likely to last a very long time if you maintain it appropriately.

Durability and Construction

Exceptional durability is the right word here. The Buck Commander can survive the drop eve from 10 feet without a scratch. Even the string will be safely latched in position. Barnett has used Barnsdale laminated limbs, which include AVI technology – Anti Vibration Isolation, designed to reduce the noise level by 20-30%.

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Pros of Barnett Buck Commander Crossbow

  • Best crossbow in the market available for less than $800.
  • Very powerful.
  • Exceptionally durable.
  • Accurate and comes with illuminated multi-reticle scope.
  • Capable of hunting animals of any size and weight.
  • Very deadly at ranges of 60 + yards.
  • Very quiet and low maintenance.
  • Very durable rail.
  • Comes with rope cocking aid and three high-quality arrows.

Cons of Barnett Buck Commander Crossbow

  • Can be a bit heavy for some beginners.
  • Not for shooters looking for budget crossbows.


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Barnett Buck Commander Review – Summary

All in all, the Barnett Buck Commander is a good deal for anyone looking for a simple, but effective hunting crossbow. It offers plenty of value behind it. Even though it is a compound crossbow, you will find it very quiet and low-maintenance.

Barnett has managed to change the definition of compound crossbows. The Barnett Buck Commander is very powerful, offers spectacular shooting precision, and it’ll hunt down any animal in the world. What else would anyone ask for? It is worth each penny spent on and buyers will definitely enjoy every moment playing with it!

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