Camping in Style: Five Gadgets to Change Your Outdoor Experience

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Going camping can be a lot of fun, and getting away from the stress of modern life is a great way to unwind. However, often times you don’t want to be completely cut off from modern conveniences. Luckily, there are a number of portable tech gadgets that you can bring with you on your camping trips to make the experience much more enjoyable. Here are five gadgets to change your outdoor experience.


Solar Powered Lantern

When night comes around out in the woods, you sometimes want a little more light than the campfire provides. Instead of fumbling with a flashlight at your campsite, you can make use of a solar charged lantern that will give you plenty of illumination. Keep it in full sun all day to have it charged and ready for night.

Solar Powered Lantern
Whetstone 36 LED Solar and Dynamo Powered Camping Lantern

Satellite Phone

When you are out in the wilderness, it is always a little scary to not have any way to call for help if you need it. You can avoid this situation by using cordless phones that will work anywhere. A satellite phone does not need to be in range of cellphone tower, and it only needs a clear space to get a signal from space to function.

satellite phone
DeLorme AG-009871-201

Survival Tablet

The Meet Earl Survival Tablet does it all. It is a GPS device, radio, thermometer, weather sensor, barometer, compass, and walkie-talkie. This amazing device does everything you could possibly want with the possible exception of pulling in your favorite sports channels from Bell.

Grill and USB Charger

The BioLite Campstove is one of the neatest tech devices you can take camping with you. It is a stove that you can use to heat up your food and beverages. While it is heating your food, the heat is also being used to charge the battery in the device. This battery has a USB port that you can use to charge any electronic devices you have with you. It is a brilliantly designed, dual-purpose tech device.

BioLite Campstove
BioLite Campstove

Solar Shower

One of the unfortunate things about camping is that you get kind of grungy over the course of your trip. This can become a problem if you are on a long camping trip. You can stay clean if you take advantage of a solar shower. All you have to do is fill it with water and leave it in the sun, which will allow you to take a hot shower daily.

Solar Shower
Viking Nature Solar Camping Shower Bag

There is no need to live like a savage on a camping trip. Make use of these cool tech gadgets to bring your next camping trip into the 21st century.

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