Gerber Contrast Knife Review

The Gerber Contrast Knife is the epitome of style, functionality, and quality in your everyday carry knife. Its dual G-10 stainless steel design is a true work of art and innovation, combining eye-catching appearance and high-quality performance. The versatile knife comes in at just over three ounces highlighted with a three-inch blade – making it exceptionally lightweight and durable providing an unbelievably comfortable and dexterous feel to the grip!

It features an Assisted Opening 2.0 mechanism that permits fast and instant one-handed deployment for both hands. A sturdy, detachable pocket clip and lanyard connection point, meanwhile, guarantees that the Contrast can be used with great ease and accessibility when needed.

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Gerber Ridge Knife Review

The Gerber Ridge is one hell of a lightweight everyday carry knife. This tiny little beast is not only incredibly small but also packs a real punch. This knife really brings new meaning to the word pocket knife due to its tiny closed length of 3″! That is the size of most EDC blades. This is one brilliant knife that can easily be clipped to your pocket, or added to a lanyard and you are not going to notice it there at all.

Overall Length 4.87″
Blade Length 1.98″
Blade Steel 440a HC
Best for Every Day Carry
Score 8/10

Gerber Ridge

One thing you will notice however is that when you first look at it closer you will see that the blade is actually exposed and not inserted into the handle. This not only looks nifty but also makes the blade damn easy to open as you can just slide your finger/thumb over it. Don’t worry though it features a little “ridge” which prevents you from cutting yourself when using. This little blade is perfect for someone who doesn’t want a large blade that will weigh them down and really only needs a blade for smaller more delicate tasks such as small rope cutting and box opening.

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Protect yourself With the Gerber Gaurdian

Whenever you are watching some special ops movies and you see the main character go to town on the bad guys with this mean looking blade, they are probably using a Gerber Guardian (or something similar). The Gerber Guardian the first double edged blade I have got my hands on and the first one we are reviewing on this site! This awesome knife really makes you feel like some sort of covert ops when you carry it just because of its slick black color and professional handle, not to mention its deadly blade. If knives were people, I would say the Gerber Guardian would have to be Rambo. Overall, this is a brilliant knife and used by many service men and women defending our country overseas.Gerber Guardian

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Gerber Mark II Review

One of Gerber’s most popular tactical knives for the last 40 years is the Mark II. This knife which was first introduced in 1966 has been making its “mark” (sorry for the pun, I couldn’t resist) on the knife industry since it was introduced and has been extremely popular, and for good reason too. This is a beautiful double edged blade, that not only looks incredibly tough but is incredibly tough. This got a fair bit of use during the Vietnam war although to date, it is still very popular amongst service man and women just because of the quality craftsmanship that each and every Mark II possesses.

 Gerber Mark II

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A Crucial Multi Tool – The Gerber Crucial

You never have experienced productivity until you have experienced the Gerber Crucial. This multi-tool as everything and can replace half of the crap that you skirt around in your pocket on a daily basis. It really is quite incredible how much you can accomplish with this tool and whilst not strictly a knife which is what we prefer to stick to on this site, I thought it deserved a review.  I got myself the Green Crucial, but as I understand it there are a variety of colors out there.


  • Gerber Crucial Multi-ToolRugged and reliable design in all our products
  • Can be used in various military, hunting, survival, tactical, industrial and outdoor situations
  • All products are field tested
  • Compact and lightweight design that carries like a pocket knife
  • Essential components for “just in case” situations
  • Clip-knife styling with full-size drop-point blade, utilizing liner lock technology
  • Essential components are larger for full functionality in a compact and lightweight multitool
  • Eight functions: Regular pliers, pinch style wire cutters, half-serrated blade, half-fine-edge blade, crosshead driver, bottle opener/carabiner, flat-head driver, needle-nose pliers

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Gerber Prodigy Serrated Knife

If you are looking for one mean looking knife then look no further because the Gerber Prodigy is here. This is one tough looking fixed blade knife and I really have to give some props to Gerber on their design for this bad boy. The design was inspired of one of their previous successful models – the LMF II so you know that this knife is based on a quality model as both are engineered by Gerber’s Jeff Freeman. However, overall you will find that the Prodigy is smaller then LMF II making it a more versatile blade, which is something that many desire. Whilst the blade is marketed towards more of a military demographic, the blade is still incredibly useful out hunting and camping so I would recommend it for that kind of person as well.Gerber Prodigy Serrated

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Infantry Knife Review: The Gerber LMF

Gerber know how to to make high-quality knives and the Gerber LMF Infantry knife is a clear example of this. This famous knife has received absolutely raving positive reviews from nearly everyone who has bought this lovely piece of equipment. The knife was designed by former military man Jeff Freeman and was even field tested with troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, so I really think this knife is going to be able to easily perform any task you through its way.

Overall Length 10.59″
Blade Length 4.84″
Blade Steel 420HC
Best for Survival
Score 8/10

It is still even being used by service man and women in Iraq today and is proving time and time again, that Gerber really knows how to make a quality knife. Apart from looking great, this is one sturdy knife that is going to last you a long time and one you should really consider adding to your arsenal. Personally, I wouldn’t go camping or hiking without it.Gerber LMF

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Gerber Evo vs Paraframe

If you have read any of my other posts on this site, you will know that we do a lot of folding knife reviews. This time, we are doing a comparison of the Gerber Evo vs the Paraframe. As these are knife “series” the two particular models we will focus on will be the Paraframe 1 and the Gerber Evo combo edge. Both of these folding knives are of exceptional quality (I have come to expect nothing less from Gerber) and are great every day carry knives that can suit a variety of purposes.

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